Best Chore Apps for Kids to Organize Your Child’s Tasks in 2023

There are millions of apps on the App Store and Play Store that can help teach kids financial literacy, daily chores, and responsibility. And what’s better than teaching them through technology they know so well? So naturally, you want to know the best chore apps for kids with an integrated chore chart. 

To that end, we compiled a list of the three best chore apps that can help you narrow down the search.

3 Best Chore Apps for Kids with Customizable Chore Chart

With the advent of technology, it’s easier to keep track of your child’s chores and responsibilities. The three apps listed below are some of the best chore apps for kids available today.

Chore charts are a terrific way to set responsibilities, create routines, track progress, and allow your kids to see the progress and give them a sense of accomplishment. Here are the three best chore apps for kids that have customizable chore charts:

BusyKid – Best Overall for Allowance Management

best chore app for kids

BusyKid is one of the best chore apps and allowance management systems for kids because it uses technology to modernize the old ways of giving your child an allowance. It rewards kids for their hard work and gives them many options for managing their money, just like in the adult world. Kids can save, donate, spend, or invest their allowance. As a parent, you can use technology to teach your kids the basics of money management. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

How Does it Work?

BusyKid is a chore and allowance app where you, as a parent, can customize and assign chores and allowances for each child. Your child can see the detailed list of tasks and activities. As a parent, you have insight into each child’s profile, including activity stream of completed chores, paid allowances, and more. Each activity is color-coded based on approved as green, denied as red, and pending as yellow.

There is a preset and age-appropriate chore chart that you can customize and alter according to your needs. Once your child completes a task and marks it as done, you receive a text message notification. After you check, you can approve or reject the release of funds. 

BusyKid allows your family to track tasks till a Friday funds release, transferred by you from your bank account or credit card. Then, money is transferred to a holding account in an FDIC-insured bank. Each Friday, the allowance resets to zero. 

BusyKid subscription will provide you with five VISA kids debit cards your child can use in stores, online, or in ATMs. It is safe and secured by the same security and access as any VISA®. It gives your child an insight into how the real financial world works and allows you to teach your child the importance of “invisible” money management. 

BusyKid is the first system that allows money transfers and kids to decide what they do with that money. They can choose to spend it, donate to charity from the list, save for something significant (setting goals), or invest in stocks. The latter allows your child to invest in the stock market for as little as $10 through brokerage services provided by Apex Clearing, and there is no commission fee on buying and selling stocks. 


BusyKid is a digital chore chart that helps instill work ethic and responsibility in your child. It also allows you to teach your kids money management through the app earn, share, save, and invest system. As a result, kids get an insight into actual world finances and gain the knowledge they will need in the future as financially responsible adults. 


  • Quick set-up and motivation for kids
  • Real money for paydays 
  • Age-appropriate chores and activities
  • Age appropriate allowance
  • Automatic allowance setting
  • Push notification approvals
  • Push notifications for money transfers
  • Parental monitoring 
  • Shows account balances
  • Bonus approvals
  • BusyKid Visa Spend Card has no age limit
  • Up to five kids’ debit cards with different designs
  • Access to ATMs
  • Investing in real stocks with more than 4,000 companies
  • No upgrades and no additional fees to use BusyKid investing 
  • No transaction fees for buying and selling stocks
  • Kids can donate to more than 60 charities
  • Saving with goals
  • Savings match – parents, match the child’s savings
  • Activity feed of all past transactions
  • Friends and family can add money using BusyPay®


It costs  $4/mo. (billed annually) with up to 5 family members and BusyKid Debit Cards



Cozi Family Organizer – Best for Organizing 

Cozi is designed for the entire family. Parents can set up schedules, appointments, and activities in one place. It builds collaboration between family members with mutual tasks. In addition, parents with busy schedules can set their favorite recipes and track a shared grocery list. Cozi is free to download from the Play Store and App Store.

best chore app for kids

How Does it Work?

Cozi is one of the best chore apps as it is designed to provide a simple way to manage everyday family life. It is a color-coded family organizer that helps the members communicate, plan, and coordinate their schedules, activities, and tasks. 

The Cozi calendar has a monthly view and allows you to enter significant dates or appointments. In addition, you can set notifications or reminders before any event in the calendar. Although the color coding is preset in the calendar, you can customize the color scheme to differentiate the possibilities. 

Living a busy life, Cozi allows families to share the exact shopping list and plan their weekly meals, which comes in handy whenever someone is at the grocery store. Anyone who purchases an item can check it in the menu and select delete the item. The same rule applies to the do list, customized for each family member. In addition, you can set up tasks and chores for each family member. 


Cozi is a reminder as much as a chore chart within one app. It is designed to allow you to set a task of any kind and customize it according to your needs. In the end, time management builds responsibility, and Cozi provides a simple plan for your family to stay well organized. 


  • Add and edit mutual appointments
  • Set reminders
  • Automated daily or weekly agendas
  • Shared grocery list
  • To-do or chores list
  • Countless lists
  • Journal of memories
  • Items added by other members in real-time
  • All recipes in one place
  • No dimm button when cooking


Above mentioned features are free, but the app has ads. Cozi has a subscription fee for Cozi Gold that excludes ads and includes birthday tracking, more reminders, customizing notifications, premium support, and shopping mode. Cozi Gold’s price is $29.99 annually.


Children over four years of age and adults. 

Dragon Family – Best for Task Management

As the name says, Dragon Family is a chore management app that kids and parents can share. As a parent, you can set tasks around the house and allow rewards with dragon coins once your child completes them. In addition, it is easy to add your kids via a QR code. The app is free and available on iOS and Android, but some features are fully enabled after subscription. 

How Does it Work?

Dragon Family is a gamification of household chores. Parents can assign tasks and duties for kids to complete. Once the job is done, kids mark the scheme, and parents approve. If approved, each task earns kids a certain number of dragon coins. Kids can collect these coins, and by the time they reach the limit, they get a reward set by their parents based on the child’s interest. 

It can be anything from computer time, money, candy, pizza, etc. Parents can customize their kid’s schedules by picking a task from a premade template. All that is left to do is set a goal for a child. For example, if they reach a certain amount of dragon coins, they get a new toy, and the app allows parents to choose items directly from an online store. It can be anything that will motivate them to complete their scheduled tasks. 


The app teaches kids about responsibility and organizational skills. It’s an easy-to-use chore chart with a personal to-do list and unique reward systems that motivate a child to complete tasks to achieve the goal. Completed goals will provide a sense of accomplishment and nourish your child’s confidence.  


  • Schedule and To-Dos
  • Budget management
  • Allowance and rewards for completed tasks
  • Goals and wishlist
  • Vital skills for a successful future
  • Handy kids’ schedule
  • Goals and achievements
  • Internal economy


The app is free, but a subscription unlocks Dragon Family service and features such as a library of prepared chores and educational quizzes. 

A subscription costs $2.99 per month, $39.99 annually, or lifetime access costs $59.99.




These chores apps are versatile, affordable, and easy to use. If you’re looking for the best chore app for kids, these apps will meet your family’s needs. Take time to consider features like the number of chores that can be entered, chore chart customization options, criteria for adding new tasks and rewards (like tracking assignments), and ease of use. 

The three apps listed here are among the best chore apps for kids. Each offers unique features to suit your child’s needs, such as kids’ debit card, schedule assisting, and task management. The best part is that you can customize them to fit your family’s lifestyle. Furthermore, they are so easy to set up and use that you won’t have any trouble checking off tasks as they’re completed!


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