Experts agree – to be successful in life requires a sound work ethic. Learning how to work hard and be responsible just doesn't happen. It must be learned. Now kids, ages 5-16, can use BusyKid develop the good work ethic and sense of responsibility they'll need to use as adults.

Cashing out - Save Money


Saving is important but tough to do unless you establish a routine early in life. Seems simple but 39% of Americans admit to having zero dollars in a savings account. 57% say they have less than $1,000 in a savings account. With BusyKid, children can now easily developing a routine is simple.

Cashing Out - Share


One of most popular features of BusyKid is the ability for children to share a portion of their weekly allowance to a charity. Preset at 10% each payday, children can pick a partner organization or move money to their parents in order to pay cash in person.

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The Five - Spend


Having millions of dollars won't mean a thing if you don’t spend it wisely. Just ask all the former millionaires who have nothing now. The BusyKid platform gives children hands-on budgeting experience by letting them make decisions on how to move and spend their allowance. With a touch of a button, kids easily get cash from parents, buy gift cards or use the BusyKid Spend Card.


BusyKid is the only app that allows children of all ages to use allowance to buy real stock. Want $10 of Apple, $15 of Google or $20 of Tesla? Now you can. Help teach your children learn to invest small a few dollars at a time.