Parents create a chore chart—set a certain payout for each chore—and kids get paid via direct deposit each Friday!


Parents can set a certain percentage of their kids’ weekly allowance that goes into savings each week, and watch those savings grow steadily over time.

  • How BusyKid Chore Apps Work


BusyKid also allows your kids to get an early start investing in the stock market! They will be able to use their weekly allowance to buy REAL STOCK!


Above all else, your kids want to be able to use their allowance as their own spending money, and BusyKid allows them to learn responsible spending with their own Pre-Paid Debit VISA® Spend Debit Card.


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BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Debit Card


BusyKid VISA ® Prepaid Spend Debit Card

The BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Debit Card gives your children the freedom to spend their allowance in stores or online. It’s the best way to start teaching your child how to live responsibly in our near-cashless society.

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For a busy single Mom, BusyKid has really helped simplify my life and has taught my kids real life money management skills!

BEST APP IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!! If you have kids, you NEED this app. I installed this app 24 hours ago, and my kids are now fighting to do chores!! My wife and I are amazed at how our kids (who were formerly glued to their electronics) are now running around the house cleaning it, putting away dishes, taking out the trash, and cleaning their rooms

I started this four months ago! My boys love it!!! They scroll through looking for more chores. They love having a debit card.

Literally the best tool for teaching kids fiscal responsibility! I didn't like paying my kids for chores because they should be helping out around the house anyway. However, tried BusyKid and realized it's their "job" now they are looking for overtime and trying to earn more to save and spend! Great app!

The best app ever!!! Allowance and fiscal responsibility in one. And i don't have to worry about my kids losing cash bc it all goes on their debit card. They are so stoked.

Love it. Great way to teach my kids responsibility with money and chores.

This has been a great app for our family. Learning accountability, time managment, independant work habits, how to purchase stocks, philanthropy and savings. As well as our kid's personal credit card helps create excitement about learning job skills. We recommend to everyone we know who has kids.

Great App! Kid and Parent friendly. The app really motivates my kids to do chores and ask for more responsibility. I had this app for 3 weeks and my kids are very active in getting their chores done. They have a new love for Friday's. Can't wait to see how the stock portion works.

Love this app! I've always struggled with following up on chores and paying the kids on time. This app takes all of the hassle out of allowance! I even use it for my teenage sons to keep them motivated with chores and to teach them responsible money management. I only wish it had been around when the kids were younger.

We just signed up with your app last night. I have never seen my kids do their chores in the morning like I did today, it was fantastic!


The first step to getting your kids busy spending, saving, investing, and giving like never before is by signing up your family with us today. Our Web, Apple, and Android apps make it easy and convenient for both you and your kids to monitor and update their allowances from anywhere, and our 30-day free trial allows give you the opportunity to see what our system can do for your kids for yourself. So, click below and start your BusyKid 30-day free trial today!