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Each year, millions of high school graduates head into the real world without ever taking a single class on how to manage money. Children learn best by “doing” and BusyKid lets them practice important real-life lessons from the palm of their hands.


It Couldn’t Be More # # #


  • Parents can pay weekly allowance with/without chores completed
  • Kids can earn a bonus too!
  • Money divided into Save, Share and Spend areas


  • Percentage of a child weekly allowance goes into savings
  • Parents can add "interest" to the savings each week.
  • Easily transfer funds when ready to spend, share or invest.


  • To a growing list of local and national charities
  • Teaches importance of giving back
  • Parents can request to add charities
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  • Anyplace Visa® is accepted
  • Online or In Stores
  • Instant notification with card use
  • Access to thousands of ATMs
  • EMV Chip Technology for safer transactions


  • Exclusive to BusyKid
  • Send QR code to family or friends
  • No more gift cards needed
  • Grandparents love it!
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Empower Your Kids To Spend Responsibly

The BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Card gives your kids the freedom to spend anywhere Visa® is accepted, and parents can see every transaction made. Add money instantly, access thousands of ATMs or make the card virtual with Apple/Google Pay and get notified with each card use. For as little as $3.99/mo. (or save 20% with our annual option!), your family can have complete access to our award-winning app and up to 5 BusyKid Spend Cards. Now is the perfect time to teach your children how to spend responsibly.




Exclusive to BusyKid, BusyPay is an easy way for a grandparent, friend, or neighbor to add money to a child’s BusyKid account.

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Improving Financial Literacy Across America

BusyKid seeks to Improve Financial Literacy

In working towards our goal of using modern technology to develop strong character, work ethic and money management skills in the next generation of children, BusyKid is proud to join forces with the American Public Education Foundation (APEF). Our organizations will shine a light on what is really being taught in schools and advocate for their improvement and development.

Did you know only 48% of Americans are able to pass a financial literacy test or survey? Based on requirements, standards and curriculum, each state was graded on its K-12 financial education. 35 out of 50 states earned a C, D or F grade.

See how your state ranks for 2021 here.

*S&P Global FinLit Survey, by the World Bank, Gallup, and George Washington University
*The American Public Education Foundation’s Vision 2020 Financial Literacy Report Card

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