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So Much More Than A Chore App!

BusyKid’s features help your kids gain valuable hands-on experience for managing money.

Our app is easy to use and will motivate your children to save, share, and spend their allowance. They can even learn about investing from inside the app.

So MUCH, For So Little

For The Whole Family

$ 4 monthly
(billed annually)*
  • 30 days free
  • Up to five BusyKid Visa Debit Cards with multiple designs
  • Unlimited Investing with more than 4,000 companies and ETFs available
  • Nearly 60 national and regional charities for donations
  • Friends/family can add money using BusyPay®️
  • Chores and allowances based upon ages
  • Real-time push notifications on all money transactions
  • Send bonuses for outstanding achievements, work or just because
  • Auto Allowance - set it and forget it
  • Savings Match - match what is saved like a 401(k)
  • Access to over 55,000 ATMs
  • Half the price of competitors
  • No need to upgrade and no additional cost to use BusyKid Investing
  • No transaction fee (commission) to buy or sell stock

Watch your kids and teens change the way they think about money and help around your home.

BusyKid is designed to provide your kids with real life lessons in managing money. For about $4/mo. (billed annually), your kids and teens will stop fighting over chores and will become motivated, accountable, responsible and money smart!

Everyone wants the most for their money, so that’s why BusyKid is the perfect fit for any parents wanting their kids/teens growing up responsible and great at managing money.

Every Subscription Comes With Five BusyKid Spend Cards

The BusyKid Visa Spend Card gives anyone between 5-17 years old the freedom to spend anywhere Visa is accepted, and parents see every transaction made. Instantly transfer funds anytime and anywhere. Up to 5 BusyKid Spend Cards are included in your family subscription, so there’s no reason why kids and teens can’t learn how to spend smart.

The BusyKid app makes money management engaging for kids and easy for parents! Key features include:

Chores & Allowance
(Set By Age)

BusyKid provides a chore chart where the chores and allowance are preset by the age of the child. Parents have the option to manipulate these as well.

Experience Investing

BusyKid gives families the opportunity to experience the world of investing with our integrated feature inside the Save area.
There are no commissions for stock transactions Any companies shown are not recommendations or solicitations to invest.

Charities To Support

Through BusyKid, your children can make a difference by donating a percentage of their allowance with a growing list of charities inside the app.


Reward an outstanding performance, getting straight A’s in school or for going above and beyond while helping out around the house. The BusyKid Bonus gives a parent or grandparent the chance to pay a bonus to any child to show appreciation for a job well done.

Parent Approvals

Through BusyKid, your children can make a difference by donating a percentage of their allowance with a growing list of charities inside the app.

It’s History

BusyKid gives families the opportunity to experience the world of investing with our integrated feature inside the Save area.

Send Money Using BusyPay™

BusyPay™ is an easy way for family or friends to instantly send money to a child’s BusyKid account.

Perfect for...






Mowing The Grass

When someone sends money using BusyPay™, they are promoting a balanced financial approach!

Save - Invest




BusyKid is now accepting nominations for its 2023 Best of the Best Award. Has your child built a large savings, donated to numerous charities, invested a large sum of allowance or managed to use a BusyKid Spend Card to near perfection?

Fill out the form below to nominate your child (or children) to enter them for a chance to win a $100 bonus and a badge of honor added to their dashboard.

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Subscribe to BusyKid and get the first 30 days on us! Soon after you’ll begin to see changes in how your kids think about and use money. They will also feel motivated to grow their balances, explore out app features and help make your life easier at home.

Plus, get all of these features too:

Parental Matching On Child Savings

Help your child grow savings faster by matching what is saved each week. It’s a fast way to build their BusyKid savings!

Ability To Change Scheduled Paydays

We all wish everyday was payday, well now it can be for your child.

Pay Allowance With No Chores

For the family that wants to just set allowance no matter how many chores are completed.

Parental Money Movement Controls

Parents have the option to lock the Save, Share and Spend areas so money grows faster.

Establish Individual Identities

No matter how many children are in your family, they each have their own account and PIN for access.

Multi-parental Approvals

Both parents are able to approve chores and money movement.

Pre-set Chores/ Allowances By Age

Our app pre sets chores and allowance base upon the age of your child, but you can also manage yourself.

Parental Activity Monitoring

Through the Activity Feed, parents and kids can track every transaction including anything done on the BusyKid Visa Spend Card.

Automatic Allowance Allocations

Parents control how much allowance goes into the Save, Share and Spend areas. As long as it equals 100%, parents can set anyway it fits the family.
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Funds are FDIC insured and we are providing the highest level of protection for your account. Read more here.