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After School Care: How to Keep Your Latchkey Kid Busy

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

So What Are Your (Latchkey) Kids Doing After School? By Gregg Murset Every year, millions of children head home after school to an empty house because school clubs/sport programs have been cut, after-school supervision is expensive, or the children are at an age where parents feel they are capable of being home alone for a ...

Dear Diary: A List of 51 Fun Journal Prompts for Kids

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Dear Diary: A Collection of 51 Fun Journal Prompts for Kids to Help Your Children Find Their Voice A dear diary is a famous phrase for a journal entry. As it happens, everyone at some point had a journal or diary neatly tucked away in a shelf or a drawer, away from prying eyes. Today, ...

SMART BusyKid Goals: Teach Children the Power of Specific Goal-Setting

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Are your BusyKid’s goals SMART?  “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupéry When you consider your own money management accounts, which spark the most joy? The generalized savings, or the specialized account earmarked for a tropical vacation? You’re likely more motivated to match 401k contributions when you have a ...

Want Successful Teens? Let Them Experience Real Life and the Benefits of Chores

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Want Successful Teens? Let Them Experience Real Life and the Benefits of Chores By: Gregg Murset, CEO BusyKid  Unsurprisingly, kids who do chores often succeed later in life. Like encouraging your kids to eat their vegetables, chores are packed with good things growing children need to become successful adults. For example, a recent survey from ...

The Effective to-do List: 5 Easy Parenting Tips (with Examples)

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

In our fast-paced, modern world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of parenting advice. Every day a new study or article tells us what we’re doing wrong and how we can do better. But parenting doesn’t have to be so complicated. Parenting involves many responsibilities, but the best way to prepare is ...

Fun Ways to Teach Investing for Kids

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Many parents want to jumpstart their kid’s financial education, and one question that often appears is: How to teach investing for kids? Moreover, how do you explain the concept to a child in the first place? And lastly, does it make sense to start investing on behalf of your child?    Investing is not the ...

Adventures of Money Management: Investing Books for Kids

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Can you remember a book in your childhood that made you experience the world so that it stayed with you for a very long time? Psychologists confirm that children learn and build skills through stories. Hence, adventures can happen even in money management-related books. Through mundane problems and tasks, our main hero character somehow always ...

Responses to Top Questions People Ask About BusyKid.com

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Top Questions and Answers Every Parent Should Know About BusyKid.com Have you tried the BusyKid app yet? If not, you must have many questions as a parent. BusyKid is a chore and allowance app, and it includes all of the elements needed to help teach children (5 to 17 years old) the value of earning, ...

Start teaching taxes to your children with BusyKid’s engaging lessons!

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Teaching Taxes to Your Children and How Much Money They Have to Make to File Taxes There are numerous methods for teaching children about taxes. Pedagogues believe that children learn best through practice or learning while doing. That includes teaching children money management through gameplay or reward systems. Another option is to use modern technology, ...

List of 15 Chores For Kindergartners to Teach Responsibilities

In Blog by Jesse Tutt

Ages 4-6 Chores: 15 Simple Chores for Kindergartners to Teach Responsibilities   So, you have a kindergartner. They’re just starting to learn the wonders of routine and responsibility. But, do you know the first thing they need? Assignments! As you scratch your head over this, remember that our parents and grandparents taught us the same. ...

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