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5 Tips to Get Your Kids Excited About Saving

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According to a study, in 2021, kids between 4 and 14 were given an average weekly allowance of $9.35. That’s around $486 annually, which is not bad considering they are too young to even join the workforce. However, there’s even better news: the report revealed the average kid saves at least 48% of their weekly ...

How to Teach Your Children About Investing at A Young Age

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Investing isn’t just reserved for adults. Kids, too, can start their own investments – of course, with the help and guidance of their parents or guardians. Starting to invest at a young age can increase one’s opportunities to grow their money and improves their chances for success down the road. More importantly, it helps children ...

Kids Learning Philanthropy With Help From BusyKid

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Phoenix, AZ (August 30, 2021) – BusyKid believes to be financially successful in life, kids must learn from an early age how to earn, save, share, spend and invest. This balanced approach doesn’t come naturally and it’s not taught in schools. That is why the BusyKid app has been designed to help the next generations ...

Compound Interest: Taking Einstein for Granted

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“Compound Interest is The Most Powerful Force in The Universe.” This famous quote from Albert Einstein speaks to the significance of compound interest as a financial concept. Those are strong words from someone who most people consider a credible source on math-type stuff. Once you understand what compound interest means, it can change your perspective ...

Story, Numbers, Expectations. An Intro to Stock Picking: Part 3

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One more thing Remember what we’ve learned: Stocks Follow Earnings. There is one more very important thing: Stocks Follow “The Market”. Most of the time, the overall market will be moving your stock as much as anything else. When the market is up, you will be up. When the market is down, your stock will ...

Story, Numbers, Expectations. An Intro to Stock Picking: Part 2

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The Direction of Numbers Those are the most important numbers to the market and to investors — but the market wants to know more than what the numbers are today. The market is always looking ahead, and it wants to know what the numbers will be in the FUTURE. You will find THE DIRECTION of the numbers ...

Story, Numbers, Expectations. An Intro to Stock Picking: Part 1

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Anyone can pick a stock. A monkey with a newspaper and a dartboard can pick a stock, or so I’ve been told. The goal is to buy stocks that will go UP in price. Easier said than done or everyone would do it. There are a million or so reasons that influence a stock’s price ...

Introducing BusyPay, the new way to teach your kids financial responsibility

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PHOENIX–(June, 2021)– BusyPay, the latest enhancement for BusyKid, the chore chart and allowance app where children can earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance, is an easy way for a grandparent, friend, or neighbor to add money to a child’s BusyKid account. It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays or paying for other tasks that kids ...

One Investor’s Sell Stop Order is Another Investor’s Buy Limit Order.

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For new investors, the different “order types” when buying or selling stocks can be confusing. This post will break some of the basics: Market Order The ”Market Order” is the simplest type of order. When you enter a market order, you are instructing your broker to buy or sell the stock at the next available ...

6 Fun Ways for Your Kids to Earn Money

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Everybody can use some extra cash – even kids.  Whether it’s to buy that toy they want with their kids debit card, or to add to their savings, learning how to make money is something that will benefit your children for the rest of their lives. Here are six fun ways for your kids to earn ...

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