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Kid Power on Wall Street

Motivate. Earn. Invest and Grow.

BusyKid is designed to get your kids excited to earn money, but financial responsibility doesn’t end there. Learning, earning, investing and growing at a young age will benefit your children for a lifetime.

BusyKid is # more than a chore app... it’s a future college fund!

It's Easy

With just a few clicks, anyone can start investing...even your 5-year old! Pick from hundreds of the most popular stocks and ETFs and help your kids develop a portfolio.

It's Innovative

Imagine building your own investment portfolio as early as five years old. BusyKid allows your kids to take the money they earn and purchase partial shares or full shares in the companies they love.

It's Safe

BusyKid’s partnership with Stockpile means all brokerage activity and personal information is protected by 256-bit encryption.

It's Fun

Your kids can start investing in major companies such as Disney, Nike and Netflix with as little as $10! With BusyKid's investing for kids app, your kids will become financially literate and start on a path of financial success far before they turn 18!


Why Should # Kids Invest in Stocks?

Investing in stocks isn’t just for adults. Learning about stocks and investing at a young age, can help set kids up for a successful financial future. Having a head start to being financially secure as an adult not only helps your child in the long run, but also provides you peace of mind in knowing they are set for the future.


The Benefits are Endless

Through years of investing, your children will have money to help pay for college, buy their first home, and much more! The possibilities are endless. Not to mention, your child will have a good financial head on their shoulders to guide them through the rest of their adulthood.

Why Choose BusyKid as the Investing App for Kids?

Our revolutionary investment platform allows children of all ages to invest in the stock market with as little as $10.

  • $0 fees to purchase stocks and only $0.99 fee when selling
  • We know getting your kids excited about stocks can be difficult, but BusyKid opens up the opportunity for you to sit down with your kids and get them excited about what they can buy with the money earned from investing.

Tips on How to Motivate your Children to Invest

With money, we are able to buy items that fulfill our needs and wants. To get that money, we have to work for it. For children, their main source of income and responsibility comes from helping around the house.

If your kids are between 5 and 12 they may want the latest game system or a cell phone. If your kids are between 12 and 18, getting their own car may be at the top of their need/want list. Showing your kids that they can double, even triple their allowance by investing in brands that they like, it can help motivate them to earn and invest in order to buy items they want/need, all while instilling responsibility and teaching money management skills

It is also important to highlight to your kids that investing helps save for their future. They might not understand how impactful investing can be right now, but once they are old enough and see the benefits of investing in their everyday life, everything comes full circle.


We are proud to work exclusively with Stockpile, making investing for kids easy! Through our Stockpile partnership, there is no fee when your children buy stock and only a $0.99 fee when they decide to sell a stock. This is a great learning tool to ease your children into the stock market and begin investing in their future and into retirement!

Your children can choose from hundreds of stocks and ETF’s to get their stock portfolio up-and-running!

When your child makes their first stock purchase, you, the parent, will be sent an email to set up a custodial account with Stockpile.

Buying & Selling Stock

See Video

The first time a child makes a stock purchase, a parent will be sent an email to set up a custodial account with our partner Stockpile. If you don't see it, please check your Junk Mail Folder. This custodial account should include all children using BusyKid. The minimum stock purchase is $10 but there is no fee to purchase stock through our app.

An email from Stockpile will contain a gift certificate code to redeem by selecting the REDEEM GIFT button on the right edge of the Stockpile website. The purchased stock will appear inside the BusyKid app in the MY STOCK section the SAVE area.

To sell the stock, you'll need to work through Stockpile and there is a small fee.

What Kids & Parents Say


I wish I would have had this
when I was growing up!

I never thought I would see the day when my daughter would ask me how the stock market did, but since she has been investing through BusyKid, that’s the question I get. She has bought stock in brands she knows and uses, and loves telling friends that she is an owner of Disney. I wish I would have had this when I was growing up!

Michael - Arizona

He's enjoyed watching his
portfolio grow

The investing feature of BusyKid is what drew me to the app. My son was interested in the stock market and I wanted a way for him to learn about it firsthand. He has been investing now for over two years and he’s enjoyed watching his portfolio grow.

Kerri - New Jersey

No matter what age, investing is always going to have risks of growth and loss, but BusyKid’s investing platform for kids and teens ensures your children learn about investing in a safe, fun way.


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