Yes! BusyKid will seek approval from parents through notifications for allowances, bonuses, loading spend cards with money, donations, and buying stock. If you don't agree to accept notifications from BusyKid upon enrollment, go into your device and turn them on.

BusyKid is designed so kids can learn how to manage money, however, there is still a safety net – parents. Parents have approval over any money moving outside the system (allowance, bonuses, loading money on spend cards, donations, and buying stock) but the process is as simple as answering a push notification.

Yes. BusyKid allows a child to complete chores or activities for real allowance. No more points, IOU's or cartoon characters. Children learn best by doing, so completing chores and activities for allowance provides the right kind of learning experience.

You can track chores without linking a card or bank account, however, the system is designed around paying real money for real chores, and works most efficiently if you've linked a funding source. If you've linked a credit or debit card, transactions generally occur immediately but incur third-party processing fees. By linking a bank, some transactions may take a few days to complete but have no associated fees.

Our system is connected to a majority of large financial institutions but there is a slight chance yours is missing. In this case, search for your bank by name using the space provided and follow the linking steps.
If you still don’t see your bank,  it's most likely because it's not in our network. In this case you will need to connect with a credit or debit card until we can add your bank to the system.

At this time, just contact BusyKid Customer Support at help@busykid.com and our team will cancel the account for you. When you cancel, any money inside the system will be returned to the funding source, but funds on a Spend Card, will remain on the Spend Card unless you contact Cliq.  There are also no refunds for any Spend Cards purchased.


We removed the guesswork from assigning chores by recommending plenty by age. As your child gets older, new chores, and activities will be automatically uploaded.

A parent has the option to remove a chore or activity from the weekly allowance through the “Activity” section of the Parent Portal. Just unhighlight the activity that wasn't completed and the allowance total will automatically adjust.


Recent U.S. studies show that parents are paying an average of $65 a month for completed chores. However, you should set up a schedule and allowance which fits your family and budget.

Each preloaded chore or activity already has an allowance based upon the age of your child, if you want to use it. However, you can just use the amount you want to pay by editing the amount.

At this time, money is only removed from a funding source when buying (or renewing) a BusyKid Visa Prepaid Spend Card, allowances (weekly), and bonuses (when sent).


It's up to you. We preset the percentage allocated to each area, based on your children's ages, but you can quickly change this by editing each child's profile and sliding the allocation bars to the desired levels.

No. When your child wants to make a donation, a message will be sent to the primary account holder for approval. Once approved, the money to be donated will be moved back to the primary account holder bank account and that person makes the donation.

In time we plan to offer the ability to add your own charity, but right now, we've provided several organizations who would appreciate the support.

They have four options – BusyKid Spend Card, Get Cash, Buy Stock and Donate to Charity. The BusyKid Spend Card is a prepaid Visa card and must be loaded with funds from the Spend area. To Get Cash, the child presses the “Get Cash” button and money moves back to the parent account for distribution. To purchase Stock, a child taps on “Buy Stock” button within the Save area. Just select the stock to purchase and choose the amount. To make a Donation, a child picks the charity to support from the Share area, picks the amount to give and a notice (and funds) will be sent to the parent to complete the donation.

Yes. Your child is buying fractional shares of real stock which can increase or decrease in value. Your child will also be able to sell this stock when the time is right. There is no cost to buying stock and a small transaction fee when selling.

No. When your child selects the stock to be purchased, a parent will be asked to open a custodial account through our partner Stockpile. It's also important to remember that there are small fees for selling stock.

Payday is each Friday. The allowance your child has earned (Friday through Thursday) will move into their spend, save, and share areas on Friday morning as long as a parent has approved the allowance through a Thursday push notification. A parent can also approve the allowance from inside the activity feed.

Yes. All your child needs to do is press the “Move Money” button and choose where to move it. There is no parent interaction for these moves.

Since we use identity verification services to help determine the identity of anyone ordering a BusyKid Spend Card, members must be in compliance with VISA® requirements. There could be several reasons why you received an error message while trying to order a card, however, the biggest are information entered wrong or it’s not matching data which exists in other databases. Here are some common errors:
Address Error
This error generally occurs because an older address is on file with the verification service or because a PO Box number is used. Please use your domestic street address and if you need a BusyKid Spend Card sent to a PO Box or other address, please contact our card issuer Cliq at 866-203-8721 to update your mailing address information.
Date of Birth Error
Usually a date of birth or ID error is related to information provided and is usually a typo. Please verify the information you used is correct and that the date of birth is in MM/DD/YYYY format.
ID Error
ID errors generally occur because of the legal name provided on the account or improper formatting of the SSN. If you have recently married or changed your name, please try your former name and remove any extraneous dashes from the SSN. If you continue to receive this error, you will receive an email within a few days with instructions to complete the process. If you do not receive a notification within 3 business days, please contact us at support@busykid.com.

Cards are created and delivered within 7-10 business days. You will receive a mailer from our card provider, please call the phone number on the sticker to activate the card. If you’ve waited more than 10 business days and the card hasn’t arrived, please contact us at support@busykid.com.

From the parent dashboard, go into “Settings” (lower right). Tap “Manage Profiles” and select the icon to the right for the child needing a new card. Once you see the card image, press the three dots on the card so a menu pops up. You’ll see a tab to report a lost or stolen card. Replacement card costs $5.

Users may encounter fees when using these cards. These fees include:
– Card to Card Transfers $1.00
– Paper Statement (upon Request) $5.00
– Reissue of Lost/Stolen Card $5.00
– Currency Conversion 3% of transaction
– Declined Transaction $.50 after you exceed 4 declined transactions per month.
– ACH Transfer from Card to Bank Account $3.00
PLEASE NOTE: Your child may get charged a decline fee for using the card prior to funds being loaded. For a full list of fees or more information about the card’s terms and conditions including the Visa® Zero Liability policy, click here.


Every family member is required to have a unique PIN when logging into the platform. If you ever forget your PIN, just select the “Forgot My PIN” and you're receive a message on how to set a new PIN.

BusyKid's top priority is protecting our customers. As such, we leverage bank-level security to ensure your sensitive personal information and account data are always safe. The BusyKid Prepaid Card is issued by Stride Bank, N.A., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc. All cardholder's funds are insured by the in accordance with the FDIC's applicable terms and conditions. For more information about the card's terms and conditions including the Visa Zero Liability policy, click here

The connection is simple, safe, and the same process as many other companies use. While you should always be careful who you share financial information, your information is being handled through our experienced partners who we have entrusted to secure.

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