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Children Charities Your Kids Can Support

At BusyKid, we want your kids to understand the importance of giving back to those in need, or to organizations who help those in need. So we have created an easy way to share a percentage of any allowance or bonus.

We have almost 50 charities listed below and inside the app that would welcome support. If you have a charity to add, please contact us at [email protected].

Any companies shown are not recommendations or solicitations to invest.


BusyKid is now accepting nominations for its 2023 Best of the Best Award. Has your child built a large savings, donated to numerous charities, invested a large sum of allowance or managed to use a BusyKid Spend Card to near perfection?

Fill out the form below to nominate your child (or children) to enter them for a chance to win a $100 bonus and a badge of honor added to their dashboard.

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