Custom Debit Cards: The Perfect Alternative to Cash for Kids

custom debit cards

As the parent of a modern kid, you know how quickly life changes and evolves, so why not keep up with the times and give your child the ultimate tool for financial freedom with a custom debit card tailored to their style?

With the right debit card, children can learn the value of money while having fun choosing styles and designs. In addition, with custom debit cards, kids can confidently explore the world while staying connected to their funds. Read on to learn more about custom debit cards for kids!

What are Custom Debit Cards?

Custom debit cards are designed for kids in various designs, allowing cardholders to choose a card that suits their style. In addition, they enable parents to help their children learn about the actual world finances and teach them financial responsibility in a fun and safe way. 

9 Reasons Why Custom Debit Cards Are a Good Idea for Kids?

There are a few reasons why custom debit cards are an excellent idea for kids. For one, they can help teach kids the value of money. Kids with a debit card can learn how to budget and manage their money effectively. 

Additionally, custom debit cards can give kids a sense of independence and freedom. Kids can confidently explore the world with debit cards without relying on cash. Finally, custom debit cards are an excellent way for kids to stay connected to their funds. With a custom debit card, kids can quickly check their balance, monitor their spending, and ensure ease of saving and investing

However, things always concern parents when you mention kids and money in the same sentence. So, here we will name a few of the most common interests when saying custom debit cards for kids. 

#1 Kids Can’t Lose Money

How many times has your child misplaced the pocket change or lost it on the way from school or the store? Many parents are concerned when it comes to losing a custom debit card. But the truth is, when you notice your child misplaced their card, you can cancel it and order a new one. This is a great way to teach kids about the value of money and the importance of keeping track of their belongings.

#2 Custom Debit Cards are Safe

Custom debit cards are a safe and convenient way for kids to spend money, and they’re a great alternative to carrying cash. The card issuer’s policy backs providers. For example, Visa’s Zero Liability Policy protects BusyKid custom debit cards for kids*. You won’t be held responsible for unauthorized charges with the account or its information. As a result, you must notify the issuing institution of any unauthorized use and mark the child’s card stolen within the app. 

custom debit cards

#3 You Cannot get Overdrawn

Many parents decide to open a bank account for their kids. But, many options out there are primarily joint accounts, and a child can withdraw funds from the account. In other words, a parent is left to return the funds if they are overdrawn. In contrast, the custom debit cards for kids contain only money you transfer to them, and there is no concern that they might be spending more than they have. 

#4 Track Their Spending

Speaking of spending, you might be interested in how much money they use. For example, by using a BusyKid app, a parent can see all the transactions a child made with BusyKid Spend Card from their account’s activity. You can track their spending and use it to teach them about money management. 

#5 Use of Custom Debit Cards

In truth, they can use them anywhere a debit card is accepted. So, for example, with a BusyKid debit card, a child can use it in online stores, in-person, or in ATMs that accept Visa. 

#6 Parents are Informed with Real Time Notification

As an additional layer of safety, the BusyKid push notification feature is designed to send automated notifications each time a child requests allowance, bonuses, donations, and buying stocks. Loading spend cards with money functions in the same way. You will receive a notification. Simply put, you will have a complete insight into what is going on on your child’s account and with their custom debit card. 

#7 Teach Kids Financial Responsibility

Spending is easy, and that’s why many parents create a mental picture of their children running wild with the debit card. However, the truth everyone learned at some point is that custom debit cards for kids are a great way to show them how to be financially responsible in the future. 

With the BusyKid app and debit card, kids can learn how to budget their money wisely by dividing their allowance into separate buckets for spending, saving, and donating. All of this, in conjunction, teaches valuable skills that will help them throughout their lives. 

custom debit cards

#8 Rewards for Spending Wisely 

If you want to encourage them to spend wisely or complete their chores the best way possible, you can set a bonus reward within the BusyKid app. It’s a great way to encourage kids to continue the excellent work. 

#9 The Fees Associated with Custom Debit Cards

Finally, every debit card has fees, and it’s a significant concern when thinking about your kids holding a piece of plastic in their pockets. In truth, BusyKid comes with a monthly subscription of $4 per month, and your family receives up to five BusyKid Spend cards. These are custom debit cards with the possibility of different designs for each child.

BusyKid does not charge any additional fees. However, the MVB Bank may charge a card replacement of $5, $0.50 on the fifth decline during the month, and the international transaction fee of $2.50 when using the foreign website or store. 


Before you get the custom debit card for kids, research the features and benefits for your family. Additionally, you’ll want to make sure that you select a card that a reputable financial institution backs. Finally, be sure to read the terms and conditions of the card before making a decision. By researching, you can ensure you choose the right custom debit cards for your kids.

We live in a predominantly digital world, and your kids are better informed than in past generations. However, when talking about kids and money, it depends on how you teach them to perceive the topic. Teaching them to spend wisely and use the little plastic with invisible money now will set them on the right course of financial responsibility in the future. 


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* BusyKid Debit Card is issued by MVB Bank, Inc, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa®️ USA Inc. Cliq® is registered ISO/MSP of MVB Bank, Inc. All cardholders funds are insured by the FDIC in accordance with the FDIC’s applicable terms and conditions. For more information about your card terms and conditions including the VISA Zero Liability policy go here. Cliq®️️ is registered ISO/MSP of MVB Bank, Inc.


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