Chore Ideas for Teenagers + Benefits, Charts, and More

chore ideas for teenagers

If you’re looking for some creative chore ideas for teenagers or want to figure out how to streamline tasks around the house – BusyKid can help. We’ll give you our top chore ideas to help your teens earn money and learn valuable skills, like money management. Keep reading to learn more.

Benefits of Chores for Teens

Chores and chore lists have an important place in your children’s lives as they offer many benefits, both for the parents and the kids.

Tasks like picking up the dry cleaning or going to the grocery store do more than just help out the parents. In addition to being a good way to earn money, chores can also inspire kids to learn about healthy financial habits. 

All children, no matter how old, desire to belong and be important. Taking part in household chores is an excellent way for them to positively contribute to family life. What’s more, some research suggests that the earlier they start, the greater the likelihood that the benefits carry over when they become adults.

By completing chores, children and adults learn skills like communication, cooperation, and compromise. They can also learn how to plan better, be more organized, and have a better work ethic that could serve them down the line.

Chore Ideas for Teenagers and Tweens by Season

One good way to stay organized with your chore ideas for teenagers is to divide them by season. Depending on where you live, they can help you with certain tasks only during some parts of the year (e.g. snow shoveling or organizing yard sales).

Chore Ideas for Teenagers In Spring and Summer

Warmer weather typically presents the perfect opportunity to do some chores outdoors, around the garden, but in the home, as well. If you have a yard, one of the best chore ideas for teenagers could be mowing the lawn on a regular basis. They can also be in charge of yard maintenance, which entails watering plants, trimming bushes, and cleaning outdoor furniture.

If you’re doing a big spring deep cleaning, it could be the perfect opportunity to declutter your home with a yard sale. Have your teens gather any unwanted items from your home and ask them to either donate or sell them at a yard sale.

Chore Ideas for Teenagers In the Fall

Once spring and summer are gone, there are plenty of things to do both inside and outside the home. If you have garden or patio furniture, the fall is the perfect time to clean them and get ready to store them for the window.

Other chore ideas for teenagers to do in the fall include washing exterior windows, bringing certain plants inside, draining and storing garden hoses, and checking gutters and downspouts.

Both middle schoolers and teens can also help with tasks inside the home, like deep cleaning. Deep cleaning is pretty time-consuming and consists of many smaller tasks. To get started, you and your kids can start by decluttering any items or furniture that you no longer have use for.

The fall is the perfect time to start cleaning from top to bottom, turning mattresses, cleaning carpets, and more. These are all tasks that your teens and tweens can easily do and that can go a long way in keeping your home clean and organized.

Chore Ideas for Teenagers In the Winter

If you live in a colder climate, the winter weather might provide opportunities for your teens to earn money. They can shovel snow, clean ice off cars, wrap presents, help with cooking, and more.

Also, people typically spend more time indoors when the weather outside is chilly, which is why it requires more maintenance. Your teens can help you sweep and mop high-traffic areas, sanitize countertops, and more.

Winter is also the ideal time to vacuum all upholstered surfaces in the living room and other spaces. Your teens can also help with loading and unloading the dishwasher and clearing the kitchen pantry.

chore ideas for teenagers

Creative Chore Chart Ideas for Tweens and Teens

No matter which chore ideas for teenagers you end up choosing, you’re going to need a way to keep everything organized. Luckily, we have some teenage chore list ideas to make the entire process easier for you.

The first option many parents choose is a printable daily chore chart with all the tasks written out. Depending on the chores, parents can customize these charts daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally.

Another idea is to create a chalkboard chart using some chalkboard paint. These types of charts can be ticked off daily and can be an easy way to keep track of tasks while being a bit more environmentally friendly.

If you want your teens to be able to choose their chores instead of you having to assign them, you can try the chore sticks idea. All you need are some popsicle sticks, a washi tape, and a marker and kids will be able to select their chores.

If you want the whole family to get into the chore list, try posting everything on a bulletin board. The size and system of the bulletin board can allow your whole family to stay on top of chores, tasks, appointments, and schedule changes.

Even though all of these methods could work for your family, there is something even easier you can try – a chore app like BusyKid.

How BusyKid Helps Streamline Chores

BusyKid takes all of these teenage chore chart ideas and streamlines them into a single app that the entire family can use. The BusyKid app makes money management engaging for kids and easy for parents with a few key features.

The app provides a chore chart where allowances and chores are present by age, but parents can customize them as they want. What’s more, parents can approve chores and any money movement.

Parents will also be able to change scheduled paydays, establish individual identities, and control how allowance goes into the Save, Spend, and Share areas. What’s more, through the Activity Feed, the whole family can track transactions including anything done on the BusyKid Spend Card*.

Speaking of the card, BusyKid has come out with the ultimate kids’ debit card. The BusyKid Spend Card gives children freedom, convenience, and security. The debit card is simple and safe to use and gives children the edge for success.

To get started and explore all the features, download the BusyKid app!

custom debit cards

* BusyKid Debit Card is issued by MVB Bank, Inc., Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa®️ USA Inc. Cliq® is registered ISO/MSP of MVB Bank, Inc. All cardholders funds are insured by the FDIC in accordance with the FDIC’s applicable terms and conditions. For more information about your card terms and conditions including the VISA Zero Liability policy go here. Cliq®️️ is registered ISO/MSP of MVB Bank, Inc.

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