Why Busykid

BusyKid's Chore Chart App For Kids & Teens

Parents, we know that you’re looking for an easy way for your kids to do their chores. BusyKid provides a chore chart that allows you to streamline the process from assignments to payout while maintaining individualized focus on each kid.

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Chores Digitized, Delegated, Done.

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BusyKid operates completely online with both Apple and Android Apps which you may download. The app allows you to build and manage your account, or you can by logging in here on our website.



Our app is designed for the whole family to operate on an individual basis. You will be able to delegate chores to each kid, determine how much each chore is worth, and completion is as easy as pushing a button.



As your kid completes each chore, their weekly payout will get bigger and bigger. Every Friday they will love getting paid through direct deposit, just like their first job.

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Subscribe to BusyKid and get the first 30 days on us! Soon after you’ll begin to see changes in how your kids think about and use money. They will also feel motivated to grow their balances, explore out app features and help make your life easier at home.
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