Chore Charge - BusyKidOne of the longest wars in history is the Chore War. Started hundreds of years ago, the Chore War is the never-ending battle between parents and children surrounding kids helping around the house as a means to develop a work ethic and become responsible adults. Studies show that a majority of parents are in favor of chores (in one form or fashion) while kids historically have hated the idea.

Chores can play a major role in the development of children, and as a study released from the University of Mississippi shows, those who had done chores as young children were more likely to be well-adjusted, to have better relationships with friends and family and to be more successful in their careers.

Over the years many have attempted to simplify the chores process or provide relief to the battle scars. The best idea was the chore chart, and over time it came in many shapes and sizes. Some have suggested that the chore chart is REALLY the reason the refrigerator was invented. Still, for the most part, chore charts have been an effective tool in helping keep kids focused and on schedule with appointed duties.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now take the cumbersome, physical chore chart anywhere thanks to BusyKid's chore chart app. We all know kids love smartphones, tablets, and computers and are smarter than most adults when it comes to navigating apps. BusyKid is perfect for these kids!

How does it work?

  1. This modern chore chart app lets parents easily add chores that kids mark finished after completed.
  2. Quickly pay your children every Friday with a text message reminder.
  3. Your kids can use their allowance to invest in stock, share with a charity, buy gift cards from leading retailers, or request cash.
  4. We encourage parents to get their children our BusyKid VISA Rechargeable Spend Card to teach kids about “invisible” money.

It’s very evident that opinions differ on whether to pay kids for doing chores. No matter which side you are on, just about everyone agrees that kids should be helping around the house. If you are not in complete agreement about paying for all chores, maybe there is a compromise. It might be a good idea to divide the chore list into two groups. One’s a list of chores are items that are done because we’re part of the family. These are done for free or because the child is expected to do his/her share. The other chores are things kids can do for an allowance. No matter how you (the parent) decide to do this in your home, the point is to do it and teach your children the importance of work ethic and money management.

While “chore wars” still exist in many households, kids are truly resisting less because solutions like BusyKid lets them use technology and make money. For a kid, that’s basically two of the essentials for living.