Ways to Make Money Online for Teens – The Pros and Cons

ways to make money online for teens

Ways to Make Money Online for Teens and What are Pros And Cons 

The first thing you’ll see most teenagers do is quickly type into search engines the query How to make money online fast. There is no magic click, and suddenly all your wishes come true, not even for adults. Most of these ads online are either a scam or are praying on people who click. However, not all online jobs have a sinister note, and we will look at the list of possible ways to make money online for teens and the most common pros and cons of online work. 

ways to make money online for teens

Ways to Make Money Online for Teens

Working online is a different way to make money online for teens, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the permanent solution. It can be a way to prepare for a future career, learn new skills, and make a few dollars of pocket money. That doesn’t mean that their paycheck will be next to nothing, just that how much money they make depends on their efforts, creativity, and many other things depending on the type of job. Let’s look at the most common ways to make money online for teens. 

YouTube Vlog

You might have seen teenagers making videos of whatever interests them, whether it’s gadgets, video games, or simple life as a teenager. It depends on their affinities and goals. They can open an account, however, opening AdSense is different, and if your kid is keen on doing vlogs, you should check the terms and conditions before taking any steps. 

In summary, YouTube is about optimizing videos for a specific topic, including narration, content written and visual, and earning views. Based on how many people have seen the ads in the video, a YouTuber makes money. To be eligible for partnership, the channel must have more than 1000 subscribers. Initially, when they start, earnings are not much, but if your teen hits the suitable topics, they can earn a few hundred dollars. 

Skill Platforms

Thanks to the digital world, most studios and freelance artists are now finding work on platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork. The more time you dedicate to the venue, the more clients you attract. It’s an ongoing process of tweaking your profile and more. However, these platforms are an excellent way for teens to understand what working with real people looks like, especially if they are aspiring young designers. 

Meanwhile, they will have different requests, build their portfolio, learn responsibility while completing tasks on time, and have something to show on their first job interview. 

Social Media

Social media platforms are still important in marketing for small, medium, and large businesses. Many small businesses know they need social media profiles, but they either lack the knowledge or time to do it themselves. In contrast, teens seem to have a special bond with any social media network, and their knowledge can be guided in the right direction. Maintaining social media for companies is more than just posting images. There are crafting posts, researching hashtags, and more.

Whichever platform it is, it’s a starting point. On the other hand, some teens have a big group of followers, and it would surprise you, but sometimes it seems like an entire entourage. That can be useful because many businesses are trying to reach a specific audience and are willing to pay the account owner money to promote them. That means your teen becomes an influencer and needs to focus on one niche or industry and build a community.

Social Media

Online Surveys

One of the most popular ways to make money online for teens is to complete surveys. In the old days, the agents would come to the door and ask you questions. In recent decades, it was done through the phone. Nowadays, market research is a related business and an online survey that asks which brands you prefer and which toiletries you use. 

In the modern age, many of them are aware that people now need to be motivated to answer surveys and therefore are paying users to complete them. Some websites might have an age restriction, while others are open to teenagers as they might be their audience. However, they need to know how much they need to make before they can withdraw the earnings. 

Tutoring Online

Suppose your teen is talented and knowledgeable in a particular topic and can transfer that knowledge to others. In that case, it might be positive to consider tutoring people online. The truth is it’s much the same as in person, only they don’t need to go anywhere, and their tools will be the Internet, headphones, and communication platforms like Skype. 

Making Online Yard Sale

As absurd as it sounds, there are numerous people around the globe selling their stuff online. It’s the same as yard sales. Only they have to ship the items to their new owners. People come to eBay and other platforms to either find rarities, upgrade material, or simply for a hobby. Ultimately, your teen can make money while removing the stuff they no longer use. 

Data Entry Jobs

It’s as simple as it can be. The majority of work comes down to research and making spreadsheets. Companies hire data entry assistants to perform manual labor, which takes time. It’s a way of gathering or entering specific data into a particular place. Most of these are for marketing purposes, software development, and more.


Writing online is the same as being a YouTuber. Only you don’t have to film yourself if you don’t want to. There are numerous pages online with different topics, and with blogging is essential to find a niche, learning new skills, and writing. Writing attracts visitors and readers for entertainment or knowledge. If your teen has writing talent, perhaps utilizing that knowledge and upgrading skills can make a great career in the future. 

The Truth – Pros and Cons of the Ways to Make Money Online for Teens

The Internet has made things easier when talking about finding a job. It’s a great source of opportunities, but with so many options, some of them are a practice of scammers. It’s one of the significant concerns when discussing ways to make money online for teens. 

But the most powerful tool you can share with your kids is knowing the difference between right and wrong and recognizing when something just doesn’t sound right. So, let’s look at some pros and cons of making online money for teens.


Flexibility: One of the best things is working within the hours that work best for your teen, outside their school curriculum.

Variety: There are different options when looking for a job online. The ones we mentioned are just a fraction of what is available.

Availability: Another reason many youngsters are looking for ways to make money online for teens is access to the Internet. All they need is digital literacy, the Internet, and hardware.

Commute: When working online, there is no need to travel anywhere; any room in the house can be an office.

Reach: If you have a physical store, you can hire your teen to spread the word about your business online. Not only will they learn skills they will increase revenue for your business.


Scammers – Like in the real world, there are people online looking to scam someone for money or personal information, as often happens. 

Isolation: For people working online, the most challenging thing is the lack of water cooler chit-chat. No matter what kind of job it is, it can be a lonely endeavor. 


If you are looking for ways to make money online for teens, be open and explain to your child every excellent and bad job possibility. Let them make decisions, but be sure they know the requirements and expectations. Above all, teach them to stay safe online. 

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