The Teen Resume: 10 Tips to Make a Great First Impression

The Teen Resume

10 Tips for Creating a Teen Resume that makes a Great First Impression

You’re preparing your first resume for teens and want to make sure you create a good impression on your potential employer. We have put together ten steps to help you create a professional and memorable teen resume. Our advice includes everything from the design to the structure and content. With these tips, you will create a teen resume that will surely grab the attention of your employers!

The Teen Resume

Crafting The Perfect Teen Resume in 10 Steps

When applying for your first job, there is a lot to consider. First, you need to figure out how you will be paid and which debit card to use, and create an eye-catching resume that showcases your unique talents. Follow this list of tips and examples to help craft your teen resume and make sure your application stands out.

Start with a summary.

You first need to write your contact details: name, email address, phone number, and your town and state. The second step in writing a teen resume is to read the job description. This section will give you an idea of what to write in summary. 

It’s an opportunity to highlight your relevant skills and experience in a few sentences. However, even without experience, you can turn this section into advantages, why are you suitable for this job. This is a paragraph to show potential employers what you can bring to their organization., and make them curious to learn more about you. 

You can focus on highlighting specific accomplishments, and soft skills, time management, for example. Whichever way you present yourself, tailor this section according to the position and the company you apply for. 

List your skills

When creating a teen resume, you should dedicate an entire section to your skills. People must remember that their skills can add value to the position they apply for. These skills can be anything from soft skills such as communication, and problem-solving, to more technical knowledge of specific software.

Taking time to consider and list your skills on your resume carefully will give employers an understanding of your abilities and show that you have the necessary experience for the position. Additionally, if you have certifications or have taken classes related to the job you are applying for, this should also be listed on your teen resume.

Add your work experience.

If you have no previous work experience, don’t worry – that doesn’t mean you should leave this section off your teen resume. Even if you have never worked a paid job, you may still have experience that can be included here. For example, consider adding any volunteering or unpaid work that you have done, internships, babysitting and pet-sitting, and any leadership roles you may have taken in school or extracurricular activities.

Include any skills you learned or utilized during these experiences and how they can be applied to the job you are using. Also, mention any clubs or organizations you were part of and how that could benefit the employer. 

Include your education

When writing your teen resume, it is essential to include your education. This will tell employers that you have completed your studies and demonstrate your commitment and dedication. List all relevant qualifications, certifications, special training, and any other coursework you have met. 

Include the name of the school, location, and any awards or honors received. Adding relevant skills acquired through your educational experiences, such as leadership, problem-solving, or public speaking, is also beneficial. 

List relevant extracurricular activities.

When writing your teen resume, it’s essential to list any extracurricular activities that are related to the job you’re applying for. Especially if you have not gained any previous work experience, this shows employers that you have what it takes and a passion for the job you’re seeking. 

Examples of relevant activities include leadership roles in clubs or organizations, community service, volunteering, internships, and other actions demonstrating your skill set. Be sure to provide as many details as possible about your involvement and include dates. Doing so will give employers a better idea of your commitment and achievements.

Use strong action verbs.

When creating a teen resume, it can be tempting to list the tasks you completed at any job or volunteer opportunity. But, if you want your resume to stand out, you should include strong action verbs to highlight your impact in those roles.

Examples of powerful action verbs that could appear on your teen resume include: organized, supervised, creative, implemented, designed, communicated, developed, and more. Using these verbs will help you make the most of your skills for a teenage resume and give potential employers an idea of what you’re capable of.

When writing your resume objective, don’t forget to use action verbs to emphasize what you hope to achieve. Try to keep the objective short and to the point, highlighting how you will use your skills to benefit the organization. You can create a document that will make a great first impression by crafting a well-written, accurate statement and including strong action verbs throughout your resume.

Tailor your resume

Tailor your resume

When creating a resume for teenagers, it’s essential to tailor it to the job you’re applying for. While you should include all relevant skills and experience, focus on the ones that make you stand out from other applicants. For example, if you’re applying for a retail position, emphasize your customer service and sales experience.

When writing your objective for a teen resume with no experience, focus on the specific skills or qualities you can bring to the job. Instead of emphasizing your lack of knowledge, focus on how you can contribute to the organization’s success. Highlight your education, volunteer work, and other skills you have acquired that could benefit the position.

Finally, make sure to customize each resume to each job application. This will help ensure that your resume stands out from other applicants and gives employers a better idea of what you can bring to their organization.

Use simple language and clear formatting.

When writing a teen resume, it is essential to use simple language and clear formatting. This will help make your resume more professional and easier to read. Use bullet points to list skills and divide sections visually. Finally, keep your resume objective, concise but impactful. You can create an effective resume that stands out from the crowd with the right words and formatting.

Proofread your resume

Proofreading is an essential part of creating an effective resume. You want to ensure that your resume is free of errors and conveys a professional image to potential employers. Therefore, before submitting your resume, you should review it several times, paying close attention to grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting.

Have someone else look at your resume.

Once your resume is complete, get a second opinion. Ask a friend or family member to read over it for any mistakes you may have missed. This extra set of eyes can be invaluable in ensuring that your resume makes a great first impression. In addition, they may suggest words or phrases that better describe your skills and experience.

Additionally, ask for feedback on how you can improve your resume. For example, ask them what skills should be highlighted more or how you could better explain the experience you do have. With their help, you can create a teen resume that will make a great first impression.


Your resume is an excellent opportunity to highlight your best qualities as a candidate for the job. If your resume is well-written and carefully tailored to fit a specific internship or career path, it can be an excellent way to get your foot in the door at some of the world’s best companies.

The resume is, first and foremost, a marketing tool for you as a job-seeker. The more appealing you can make yourself as an employable candidate, the more likely you will get noticed. Remember, the hiring manager or recruiter gets hundreds of resumes for a single job opening. That means it’s your responsibility to stand out and shine.

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