How to Make Money as a Teen: 10 Easy Ways to BEGIN Earning Even Online!

How to Make Money as a Teen

How to Make Money as a Teen – 10 Easy Ways to Start Earning Money

There is much going on in your life as a teen, and one of them is you need money for various reasons. It may seem like a mundane thing that you should think carefully about your job while asking that question: how to make money as a teen. 

But think about it, you and your family may already have some expectations for yourself, and maybe you even have some ideas of what you want to do in the future. That’s why this is the perfect time to prepare yourself so that when it comes to picking a job, it will be easy to find something you are good at and fit your career expectations. 

So, whatever your thoughts are, here is a list of what you can see in this article.

  • What does it mean to go on a job interview, and what it looks like
  • What are some typical jobs for teens, and what can you learn from them
  • Ten ways in which you can get the best jobs for teens, even online
  • Tips for not spending your entire paycheck when you get it
How to Make Money as a Teen

Teen Job Interview Tips: 5 Interview Questions You Can Expect, And How To Prepare

Teens often have hectic weeks between school assignments, extracurricular activities, part-time jobs, and social life. So it’s understandable that job interviews are the last thing on their mind. However, you may need to prepare for a job interview as a teen with your boss sooner or later.

Job interview questions are not just for adults. Many teen job seekers find themselves face-to-face with a hiring manager or HR representative. How do you prepare to be interviewed so that you don’t get “rattled”? A job interview is just like an exam, and we provide you with some free materials to practice before the big day.

What to Expect at a Job Interview

It’s that time! You have to have a job interview! It might be for the job you’ve been dreaming about — one with an excellent salary, flex time, and cool perks. Or it could also be for a summer job or something to tide you over until you get back into college or graduate school. But no matter what the reason, it can be scary! 

There are a lot of questions that can come up in the interview that you might need to prepare for. But knowing what those questions are before going removes some of the pressure of being asked something unexpected. You need to learn a few things about interviews, practice answers, and prepare for your first job interview. But first, let’s talk about the types of jobs you can apply for.

A List of Teen Job Types

Teenage jobs during the holidays or summer

Whenever summer approaches, many teens are getting ready to start thinking about what they want to do with their free time. Summer jobs last a few months and are a way to use spare time and earn money. These often include retail stores, lifeguards, and fast food restaurants. 

Teenage part-time jobs

But there’s another option: a part-time job. They last longer, and they can expose you to new people, new experiences throughout the year, and money in the long run. Or until you graduate, that is. 

Teenage online jobs

Online jobs can be part-time, just like traditional jobs, only you have to find an employer willing to hire you. On the other hand, you can turn it into freelancing, work independently from home, and test your entrepreneurial skills. 

Teenage internships

Teenage internships are an excellent way to gain experience in fields you are interested in. They can also help you become more confident, improve communication skills, and learn things like time management and self-discipline.

5 Common Interview Questions

You must be prepared for an interview if you want to learn how to make money as a teen. It is the key. It’s when you can demonstrate your skills, experience, and professionalism and the longest part of the recruitment process. With that said, let’s take a look at five common interview questions you can expect and how to prepare to be ready for anything!

  • Please tell us a little about yourself.
  • Why do you want this job?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What part of your classes will help you succeed in this position?
  • What are your strengths?

First, you need to know that questions are there to gauge what kind of person you are, whether you are a team player or a solo player. They are also there to get familiar with you as a worker. For example, how much do you know about the job you are applying for and whether or not you have previous experience? 

The point is to answer clearly and keep the conversation about what you do during school or previous jobs that can help the company or person hiring you. Although you might have previous experience unrelated to the job you are applying for, perhaps it’s best to mention it as an experience. But, only delve deep into it if it has something to do with this job. 


How to Prepare for Teen Job Interview (List)

While there are no hard and fast rules to follow, here is a general list (in sequential order) of what you should do before going to an interview:

  • Review the job description, company profile, and job requirements
  • Understand what the company wants from you
  • Research the company, what they do, and its history
  • Practice answering the questions
  • Prepare questions of your own about the job, or anything else related to it
  • Dress appropriately for the job
  • Be yourself

Obtaining Your Pay

Getting your first paycheck depends on your job and employer’s practices. So there are a few ways you can get your compensation:



-direct deposit

The latter means you are going to need a bank account. That way, your employer can deposit your paycheck each month. In addition, many banks have teen bank accounts designed especially for teenagers. 

How to Make Money as a Teenager – 10 Easy Ways 

Are you a teenager intrigued by the idea of making money in ways that are fun, skill-building, and rewarding? This article focuses on ten easy ways to make money as a teen. 

Five good jobs for teenager

First thing first — NO, you don’t have to deliver pizzas. There are many more ways to make money as a teenager than you’re probably imagining.


Yes, you might have seen it recommended elsewhere. But did you know that being a tutor is the highest-paid job for a teen? If you wish to be an educator in the future, you have to understand how to transfer your knowledge to different kinds of people or students. While you give classes to someone else, you can get acquainted with your teaching style and find a more effective learning method. 

Movie Theater 

Movie theaters are often neglected, but they are always willing to hire teenagers. It’s not just one position. The movie theater business is the whole entourage of jobs. Therefore if you are interested in movies, try your local theater. They might have a job for you, plus you get to see the secret way a movie theater operates behind the red velvet curtains. 

Library Assistant

If you are a bookworm and like the smell of books, you can help visitors find what they are looking for and enjoy your job simultaneously. 

Library Assistant

Kennel Assistant

If you like animals, you can walk dogs or be an assistant in the local shelter. They always need help, and the four-legged occupants always want attention. So, be prepared for a lot of work, cuteness, and sloppy kisses. 


If all of this is not you, and you are more likely to spend time crafting something with your hands, why not sell it? You can go to the Farmers Market and get a stand once you have enough stuff to sell. Not only will you have a sense of pride once someone buys your art, but you will also understand what it takes to be in direct business with clients. You can learn what they like in your art and what attracts them and continue toward good practice. Of course, that means you should still be innovative. But, on the contrary, it can attract different kinds of people and expand your audience. 

Five Online Jobs for Teens at Home

Do you want to know how to make money online as a teen? But do you feel that online jobs like creating a blog are not for you? There are other ways to make money online from home as a teen. You don’t need to be an expert in computers to work on the Internet.

Data Entry

Data entry is one of the jobs you can do part-time if you have some fast typing skills. So, what does it mean? It means typing specific data into a document for a company that hires you. Different industries use data entry positions, hence it’s expected. 

Graphic Designer

If you are a creative visionary, then chances are you have a knack for graphic design. It’s such a vast field that you can design T-shirts, logos, and thousands of other things and earn money from home. But, first, build your portfolio over time because you might need it again someday. 

Virtual Assitant

Many small businesses work primarily online. Hence their owners are often preoccupied and need an assistant to take care of some tasks. It’s like being an assistant in a traditional office. Only you never leave your house unless the job requires physical errands. In addition, you can build your email, communication, and time management skills along the way. 

Customer Service

Another of the frequently offered jobs, customer service, requires a lot of communication and helping customers with questions, and educating them on the company products. 

Social Media Manager

The chances are that you are using social media frequently. But do you know the difference between posting on your private account and doing it on behalf of a small business or company? You might be a natural talent if you know how to grab the visitor’s attention. That means you can make money from your skills and get into the marketing business in the future. 

Learn How to Manage your Money as a Teen with BusyKid Before You Spend Entire Paycheck

Whether you’re 13, 14, or 15 and just started a summer job or getting your first paycheck, it can be awkward and scary to manage your money for the first time. However, money is essential; being smart about spending it will only come with experience. 

You will need to improve at managing your finances at first. However, there is no shortcut to getting great at money management other than practicing.

The majority of teenagers spend their entire paycheck once they receive it. It’s only natural; you have worked hard, and you often want to feel its reward. However, we often need to remember what matters and why we started doing the job in the first place. 

However, that is where the BusyKid app can help you learn essential money management skills. You or anyone else can load your card through the BusyPay service. The unique feature only to BusyKid is a QR code that sends funds from the sender directly to your debit card.

Once you open the BusyKid app and look at its interface, there are three “buckets,” as we call them: Share, Spend, Save/Invest. The amounts are displayed on the screen through monetary amounts and visually through percentages. 

For example, 40% to save, 10% to share, and 50% to spend. It’s often called the budget rule, which you can draft according to your needs and stick to over time to meet your goals. Whether that goal is a car or a new computer, making a budget rule can save you from spending too much at the local coffee shop. 

You can have control over your money as a teen! BusyKid is a money manager, savings account, and debit card in one. 

Browse our blog for more answers and ideas on money management.


If you’re looking to make money as a teen, there are several things you’ll want to keep in mind.

First, try and find a job that’s perfect for you. Figure out your passions, what you’re good at, and what you enjoy. Then you should see an opportunity for a job, like working for fast food or as a babysitter. If none works, find something online and do it from home.

And if it helps, remember that a job’s benefits and salary will be great practice for your future career. A part-time job can help you build your resume and financial portfolio while earning money to buy new stuff.

Second, be sure to prepare for the interview. If you cannot find time to research the company you will work for, they will not show you respect as an eligible employee. It works both ways.

Lastly, getting a job is an excellent way to get familiar with real-world experience because once you’ve got one, you’ll have to manage your time and money responsibly.

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