BusyKid Joins Forces with American Leadership Academy

A group of kids from the American Leadership Academy in red polo shirts posing for a picture.

Phoenix, AZ – BusyKid, the first and only online chore chart where children can earn, save, share, spend and invest real money, is helping students at American Leadership Academy (ALA) build accountability and responsibility. A PEW Research Center survey of parents revealed that nearly every parent (94%) wants their children to be responsible, while 92% also hope for children who are hard-working.

BusyKid and American Leadership Academy are coming together to help grow children who are accountable, responsible and hard-working by doing what each does best – implement a sound educational practice and hands-on experience. BusyKid Joins Forces with American Leadership Academy

“Besides addressing the overwhelming need for basic financial education for our children, BusyKid was created to help offset the lack of responsibility, accountability and work ethic found in some children,” said BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset.  “Working with American Leadership Academy, we hope to enhance what’s being taught inside their schools, plus provide the tool that students can use to practice sound financial decisions.”

Using BusyKid, children get to make the critical decisions surrounding saving, sharing, investing and spending weekly allowance. This important hands-on experience helps children build sound routines they will need when facing serious financial decisions as adults. Only $14.95 annually for an entire family, BusyKid features pre-loaded chores based on children’s ages, automatic allowance allocation, investment opportunities in real stock and the BusyKid Spend Card – a prepaid Visa® card for kids of all ages.

“ALA is excited to partner with BusyKid to provide this innovative and award-winning app to our families,” said ALA CEO Brent McArthur. “One of the ALA RAISE values we instill in our schools is accountability, and we think BusyKid is a great tool to teach our students how to be accountable for their actions and money.”

American Leadership Academy is based on its mission to provide the best educational experience to as many students as possible in a moral and wholesome environment. With a strong emphasis on patriotism and national history, ALA prepares students to not just be the great students of today, but the great leaders of tomorrow.

High school students at ALA are required to take a personal finance class before graduating. The BusyKid app is a nice compliment to the principals that students learn in class and also provides a solid foundation in financial literacy for younger elementary and junior high students.

With campuses in Arizona and Nevada, American Leadership Academy has more than 8,000 students and builds leaders through its RAISE values (Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Service and Excellence). Through it all, they have worked to bring to life a vision to Learn, Lead, and Change the World!

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