Business Ideas for Kids and Teens to Get Them Started

Business Ideas for Kids

Are your kids at an age where being an entrepreneur sounds fun and they’re looking for some work but feeling stuck? Or do you think that it’s time for your children to pick up a job and learn a new skill? Either way, BusyKid is here to help.

Today, we’ll show you all the benefits that can come from business ideas for kids and the rewards to reap. We’re also going to give you our top ideas, both for online and in-person work, and much more. So let’s get into it!

Why Business Ideas for Kids Work

When thinking about business ideas, many kids feel like their age could potentially hinder them. But the opposite is actually true.


A person’s young age allows them to restart, rethink, and rebuild every idea, business, or skill. No matter which decision they make regarding their life or education, they can easily go back and change course if that’s what they decide to do. They have one invaluable resource at their disposal: time.


Starting a business idea while still in school allows kids to bridge the gap between education and skill-building. And if their endeavor becomes profitable or enjoyable enough, they might want to pursue it further as a career. Or they might find out that entrepreneurship just isn’t the right fit for them. Either way, kids will know where they stand.


If they decide to go to college after school, having a side hustle will look incredible on any application. Universities all over the world appreciate the take-charge attitude and are sure to be impressed. Your kids’ initiative and drive will show that they’re well-rounded people with big ambitions and skills.


And of course, while they’re working, they’ll have some pocket money to spend on whatever they want. Or better, they have the funds to start investing. But more on that later.

How Those Under 18 Can Start a Business

Teens who are 18 or over will probably have enough autonomy to start and run a business on their own. However, those under the legal age limit will need help from their parents and/or legal guardians.


We also want to mention here that how much they’ll be able to do if they’re under 18 will vary on the state and regional law. With that said, most minors can’t legally sign binding contracts on their own or open a business. What’s more, they might not even be able to open a bank account without having an adult’s sign-off.


You’ll also find that services like PayPal and Shopify require the users to be at least 18 to sign up. That means that parents will be legally responsible for any and all activity that happens to them.


So before you start working on specific business ideas for teens, it’s best to sit down and discuss the parents’ or guardians’ roles and involvement. If you’re struggling to establish safeguards and protocols, it might be best to get in touch with a financial advisor or a lawyer.

What Makes Good Business Ideas for Kids Good

Before you decide on the final idea, you should know the criteria that will make the entire endeavor easier to pull off. After all, running a business while going to school and having a social life is a tough balance. 


So the first thing to consider is flexible hours. As other adults who are working a side hustle will tell you, it’s all about the flexibility in the schedule. Depending on your kids’ schoolwork and extracurriculars, they might only have a few hours every week to dedicate to their business. 


Something else to think about is accessibility. Figuring out transport to and from a business might be tough, especially if the kids can’t drive. That’s why starting from home or online tends to be easier to operate.


The final consideration should be the upfront investment. Choosing a business idea for kids shouldn’t break the bank for the child or parent, which is why a low financial investment is the key to success. 


Here are some ideas that tick off all of the things on that list.

Small Business Ideas for Kids to Get Them Started

Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

For kids who love pets and enjoy being around them, a dog walking/sitting business idea might be just right. Considering that around 70% of US households have a pet, they won’t be short on potential customers.


Younger kids might need to solely depend on the people in their neighborhood, while older children might try casting a wider net. Either way, the job doesn’t require any initial investment and it can be done by kids 13 and up.


They might also be asked to do some plant sitting, which again, won’t require a lot of work, and it might give them time for other business ideas in the meantime. 


Landscaping is an easy business idea for kids, that can also be pretty fun and takes them outside. Now, when we say landscaping, we mean lawn mowing, leaf removal, and if the weather changes, snow removal.


Unlike pet or plant sitting, there is a small upfront investment you’d have to make when buying the necessary tools. Whether it be a rake, snow shovel, or lawnmower, the equipment usually isn’t pricey, and can you and your kids will probably be able to use it for years to come.


Like with pet sitting, younger kids might want to go around the neighborhood to see who requires their services. Older kids, on the other hand, might want to take their enterprise around town if they can.

Lemonade or Drink Stands

A business idea for kids as old as time, children have been putting up lemonade stands for a while. Even though this might not be the most creative idea, it’s perfect for younger members of the household.


Little ones can ask their parents for help when buying supplies and making the best drink. But from there on, it’s all on them. Kids can let their imaginations run wild while creating the signs or making up names for drinks. 


Tutoring is a business primarily geared toward teens and older kids who excel at school or at a certain subject. Kids can gather up work while they’re in school or if they know someone who needs this type of help. Tutoring pays pretty well, and if the business does alright, adding more people to the business is an excellent way to expand it.

Car Washing

Car washing is another one of these business ideas for kids that is pretty fun and can be done by children of many different ages. For the initial investment, they’d need a couple of sponges, mops, car cleaning solutions, and brushes.


Since people love having clean cars, but maybe don’t have the time to do it, they would be happy to have someone else do it for them. 

Online Business Ideas for Kids

Now, if flexibility and accessibility are issues, there are some excellent businesses that kids can do in the comfort of their own rooms. Here’s what we mean.

Selling Products

Kids that are creative and have a knack for art might consider selling their designs online. These products can range from toys, jewelry, candles, art, and much more. They can be sold online or even at local markets with the help of parents.

Blogging and Vlogging

Nowadays, starting a blog or opening a channel on one of the popular video platforms is a piece of cake. All you’d need is a laptop for writing and editing, and a camera for recording. 


The potential rewards for these businesses are great, but so is the competition. If you’re helping your kids or teens get their channels or websites off the ground, make sure to set realistic goals to avoid disappointment in the future.


Gaming is a massive industry that attracts millions of players and billions of dollars every year. In addition to video game creation, an incredible niche kids can get into is gaming online and streaming. They can do something they already love but for profit. Of course, there’s the same caveat for blogging and vlogging. Make sure to manage expectations as it’s an incredibly competitive industry.

Web Design

Kids who are tech-savvy might want to get into web design and development. Of course, this industry isn’t just something that you can fall into or pick up in a day or two. It requires education and dedication to be able to learn about web design.


However, if your kids are showing an affinity toward it, there are a ton of online courses to guide them. Also, finding clients is pretty easy with websites like Upwork and Fiverr.

To Sum Up: Business Ideas for Kids

Whether you’re looking for small business ideas for kids that could potentially grow into more or just something to be done on the weekend, we hope we’ve helped. Whichever idea seems the best fit for your family, make sure to teach your kids about investing.

Even though having pocket money for splurging is great, you can take it to the next level with investing. And there’s no better place to start learning about it than BusyKid. Our app is designed with the whole family in mind and can help you secure your future.

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