BusyKid Names Top Kid/Teen Money Managers for 2023

BusyKid Names Top Kid/Teen Money Managers for 2023

The financial literacy app has awarded over $30,000 in bonuses to the best managers of money

Phoenix, AZ — For the fourth time, BusyKid is honoring its “Best of the Best” at using its financial education platform. While many adults struggle to manage money due to a lack of education or experience earlier in life, kids (6-17 years old) work with parents to get hands-on experience earning, saving, sharing, spending, and investing real money through BusyKid.

Just like previous years, BusyKid reviewed hundreds of parent nominations and combed through thousands of other children’s accounts to find the top kids with solid account balances, numerous donations, consistent investing, and a proven ability to properly manage funds and use a BusyKid Debit Card wisely.

“Once again we’re amazed by all the kids who were nominated and by what we found through our research,” said BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset. “The tough part was cutting it down to only the top performers. Every year we see numerous examples of kids, who with the help of a parent, take the opportunity to learn about money through BusyKid and take off like a rocket. We have kid entrepreneurs, serious investors, those who are helping others, and some with big savings accounts for a vehicle, school trip or special family vacation. Managing money isn’t easy and no one is perfect, but these kids certainly have grasped the concept and we are extremely proud that our app inspired or assisted them along the way.”

By being honored as one of BusyKid’s Top Performers, each child will have a special badge added to their app dashboard and have a $100 bonus added to their account before Black Friday.

Since January 1 of this year, kids using the BusyKid app have completed 3.1 million chores, earned $14.4 million, invested more than $255,000  and moved roughly $36,000 for donations. Here are BusyKid’s Best of the Best for 2023, which includes kids/teens from 21 states and the District of Columbia. Additional children are not listed due to a request from their parents for privacy.

BusyKid’s TOP performers


Colleen McCoy



Jasmine Lopez

David Steele

John Steele

Mars Kastanis



Aiden Rohr

Alexander Schreurs

Ori Schreurs

Zoe Schreurs



Alden Hoemann


District of Columbia

Lavinia Pitts

Hatcher Pitts


Lucius Figueroa

August Figueroa

Rafael Gaspar

Felipe Gaspar

Tallulah Barnard

Sam Zubia

Sofjia Zubia



Gryffan Hornburg



Dylan Knerr

Madelyn Knerr



Jakob Christopher

Jackson Reese



Kahle Dalton


Simon Khouri

Ariana Khouri

Ariana Lybrink

Luca Berehulka-Stival


New Jersey

Carmichael Cambria

George Cambria

Casey Schiller


New York

Mathias Tsuji

Rafael Tsuji

Julia Kalashnik


North Carolina

Grayson Abernathy

Mickayla Cobb

Brinkley Green

Braxton Green



Elizabeth Ratcliff

William Ratcliff


Ayden E.

Tycho Hood


Rhode Island

Rylan Kabalkin


South Carolina

Alyse Campbell



Ella Lapsley

Gabriella Vasilescu

Edward Vasilescu



Eli Dries

Chuck Donskey

Steven Donskey

Sutton Holleman



Elsa Dees



Jarek Popochock

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