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Helping Others: Kids Donating Allowance Through BusyKid

More than $40,000 donated by kids to charities featured on chore app


What the Tech: Busykids app

As most of us are still trying to work from home, it’d be nice to get the kids to help around the house and earn an allowance. There’s a fairly new app that helps accomplish that, called “Busy Kids”. Founder of the app, Greg Murset says he hopes the app helps kids learn some fundamental skills.


Andson partners with BusyKid to provide at-home financial education

According to a 2018 National Financial Capability Study, 48% of individuals in Nevada lack a “rainy day” fund to cover emergencies such as sickness, job loss, or economic downturn.


Tools to help kids get smart about money

The push to teach young children their financial ABCs is going mobile.


Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

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