Let’s talk chores and allowance for a minute. It's a fact that some kids hate doing them and some parents hate paying for them. But for as long as there have been kids, parents and chores, there have also been entire generations failing to understand the many important lessons taught through kids helping out around the house.

This is why BusyKid has been working hard to get parents to see it from a different perspective when it comes to chores and allowance. It's so much more important than just kids working and parents paying. It's about families working together to prepare children to face the financial realities ahead of them. It's a message that continues to evolve just like the infamous – chore chart.

Everything must evolve to survive. With technology advancing our world, it was only a matter of time before chore charts had to evolve as well. Technology was providing almost instant gratification and kids were no longer satisfied with stickers, stars or cute animated creatures. Kids wanted to be able to reap their rewards and immediately decide what to do with them.

In January of 2011, Gregg Murset, a father of six was looking for a solution to the problem – how to keep track of his kids’ chores, pay them a weekly allowance, and teach them the basic financial principles surrounding earning, saving, sharing, and spending money wisely. Out of this necessity he developed My Job Chart, one of the very first online chore and allowance apps in the U.S. Immediately it became one of the most popular family tools to help parents teach their children about work ethic and managing money.

Nearly seven years later and evolution is knocking on the door again. Technology has advanced enough to allow a car to drive itself, a private message to automatically disappear in seconds, and money to move from account to account over any mobile device. Technology evolved, families evolved, and so, My Job Chart had to evolve into BusyKid with better security, technology, features and economics solution.

BusyKid, is the first and only chore and allowance platform where kids can earn, save, share, spend, and invest their allowance. Though its philosophy is the same as the original platform, it was important that BusyKid provide a “real world hands-on” experience to the kids who use it.

The user-friendly system promotes work ethic, responsibility, accountability, and smart money decisions. As a chore chart for teens and kids, BusyKid allows users to receive a real weekly allowance from their parents as quickly as parents can answer a text message.

Our children are drastically unprepared for the financial world that awaits them and trying to teach important lessons with piggy banks, jars and envelopes won't help children face the thousands of financial decisions ahead of them. However, BusyKid will. It provides a cash-free environment where kids can learn through opportunity, repetition, and parental assistance.

Company Mission

Use modern technology to help children develop into adults with a strong work ethic and sense of what it means to be responsible and financially smart.