Toss the Paper Chore Charts.
Get Organized with BusyKid

Parents, are you looking for a more organized way of keeping track of chores and paying allowance? How about an easy way to teach your kids how to manage the money you pay them for chores?

Paper chore charts hold you back from many benefits that the parents who designed BusyKid have integrated into one easy-to-use app!

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Eliminates Clutter
Automatically Deposits Allowance
Helps Build Savings
Teaches Kids About Stocks
VISA® Debit Card for Kids Under 13
Simplifies Chores and Allowance


Gets Kids EXCITED To Do Chores!

BusyKid is a chore chart app that helps teach kids how to properly manage money from as young as five years old. Now available on Apple and Android devices, BusyKid offers an easy way to automatically pay your kids allowance, as well as get them to start saving, donating to charities and investing in their own stocks.

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Switch to Our Digital Chore Chart App Today

We want you to see the extra levels of potential in BusyKid’s digital chore charts so much that we’ll let you experience that potential for the first 30 Days free! Sign up your family and take that first step to leaving paper charts behind today.

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