What is BusyKid?

Think of it as your kid’s first job with direct deposit. Learn more about the ONLY system where children COMPLETE chores, MANAGE allowance and INVEST in stock.

BusyKid has web, Apple, and Android apps, giving your family the flexibility to use BusyKid on multiple devices. BusyKid was carefully designed with kids ages 5 - 16 in mind, which is what makes it so easy to use. Not only is it easy for kids, but parents have the same straightforward interface, along with an efficient paying system that's as simple as answering a text. Your kids can see how much they’ve earned at any time, which provides motivation to continue completing chores and earning more!

Invest in your kids – sign up for BusyKid today! The app is free to download and comes with a 30-day trial. After that, an annual subscription for the entire family is ONLY $14.95 per year!