The BusyKid VISA Prepaid Spend Card is the safe and easy way for children to get hands-on experience in managing and spending invisible money. It’s safe because it only allows a child to spend the money approved by a parent and it’s protected the same way as other VISA debit cards. 

Before the card can be used, a child (a parent can also load money) must transfer money to the card.

BusyKid Visa Prepaid Spend Card

How to load funds:

1 Enter PIN

Have the child log into the account by using his/her PIN.


2 Spend Money

Tap the green “Spend” area.


3 Transfer to Card

Tap the green “Transfer To Card” button.


4 Choose Amount

Select the amount of money to be moved ($10 is the lowest amount that can be moved at the moment) and tap “Transfer to Card”.


5 Reply Yes

The main parent on the account will need to reply “YES” to an approval text.  Once the reply is registered, the money will move immediately.
NOTE: Depending on the funding source (bank or credit card), some transfers may not be immediate because of weekends or bank holidays. 


6 Check Balance

Check the balance of the card (just below the “Transfer to Card” button of the spend area.