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TruWest is excited to provide its members with a unique opportunity to receive $2 off the already low annual family plan. Whether you have one child or six children, your BusyKid membership will cost just $12.95 a year.

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Think of it as your kids first job with direct deposit.

Learn more about the ONLY system where children COMPLETE chores, MANAGE allowance and INVEST in stock.

Working together, TruWest and BusyKid, will help your family be better prepared for what challenges life will throw at you. Getting started is SIMPLE and could be LIFE CHANGING.

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BusyKid VISA Prepaid Spend Card

Allows kids of all ages to learn how to manage invisible money

Learning to Invest

Our unique partnership with Stockpile allows BusyKid to be the only app where kids can spend allowance on fractional shares of real stock

Giving Back

BusyKid allows parents to allocate a percentage of weekly allowance to be shared with those in need. Kids can then donate to charities/causes of their choice

Rewarding Good Work

Parents can easily pay a bonus to a child who goes above and beyond.

What Members are saying

  • Literally the best tool for teaching kids fiscal responsibility! I didn't like paying my kids for chores because they should be helping out around the house anyway. However, tried Busy Kid and realized it's their "job" now they are looking for overtime and trying to earn more to save and spend! Great app!

    - Damon Norris

  • I’ve seen a big difference in my kids since using BusyKid. No more fighting to get their chores done.

    - Cyndi from Springfield, IL

  • BusyKid is a real winner!

    - Donald from Lewisville, TX

  • This is very user friendly for the adults and kids. My kids love to see the money adding up for their payday and they are very active with their chores. I have offered them money for chores before but it never worked. Thank you for making BusyKid.

    - Monique from Chicago, IL

  • I wish I had something like this when my oldest was young. At least I have two more that get to use it.

    - Sarah from Gary, IN

  • My family lives in this app and we’re getting spend cards so our kids can use it fully.

    - Christy from Atlanta, GA

  • I truly believe your app will be a life changer for autistic teens and adults. As a parent of a soon to be 18 year old autistic teen THANK YOU!

    - Lynne from Chicago, IL

  • This unique app will help kids learn to earn, save, spend and invest their own money," says NAPPA Director Elena Epstein. "Financial literacy is an important skill for kids to develop early on.

    - National Parenting Product Awards

  • My son is 12 and has learned so much about investing through BusyKid. I wish I could have learned this when I was 12.

    - Mark from Tampa, FL

  • That’s the genius of BusyKid – its simplicity, its intuitive nature and its investment in how today’s families work.


  • Absolutely love this idea!

    - Erin from San Diego, CA

  • Your App Is Great!

    - Ron from Phoenix, AZ

BusyKid has web, Apple, and Android apps, giving your family the flexibility to use BusyKid on multiple devices. BusyKid was carefully designed with kids ages 5 - 16 in mind, which is what makes it so easy to use. Not only is it easy for kids, but parents have the same straightforward interface, along with an efficient paying system that's as simple as answering a text. Your kids can see how much they've earned at any time, which provides motivation to continue completing chores and earning more!

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