Allowance Simplified

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A phone screen displaying the total value of a stock, perfect for teaching kids about investing.

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With just a few clicks, parents can begin teaching kids about investing… Pick from hundreds of the most popular stocks and ETFs and help develop a portfolio for your kids.


Imagine having your own investment portfolio as early as five years old. BusyKid allows your kids to take the money they earn and request to buy shares in the companies they love.


BusyKid’s intergrated investing platform is backed by Apex Clearing Corporation, a subsidiary of Apex Fintech Solutions, a FINRA registered Broker/Dealer.

It's FUN

Now your teens & kids can have fun watching their portfolio from inside their BusyKid account. Think of the discussion you’ll have about how investments perform and what action to take.

Sending Money Using BusyPay™

BusyPay™ is an easy way for family or friends to instantly send money to a child’s BusyKid account.

Perfect for...

A blue sphere and a green sphere with distinct features.
A busykid circle with stars in it.


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A calendar icon with busykid features on a green background.


An icon of a laptop with a clock on it, showcasing the busykid feature.


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Mowing The Grass

The Busypay app allows users to easily scan QR codes on their smart phone, providing convenient access to various features.
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A hand holding a dollar bill showcasing the busykid features.

Parental Matching On Child Savings

Help your child grow savings faster by matching what is saved each week. It’s a fast way to build their BusyKid savings!
A white icon with a dollar sign on a busykid blue background.

Ability To Change Scheduled Paydays

We all wish everyday was payday, well now it can be for your child.
A white icon on a blue background showcasing busykid features.

Pay Allowance With No Chores

For the family that wants to just set allowance no matter how many chores are completed.
A white bar graph icon on a blue background, highlighting busykid features.

Parental Money Movement Controls

Parents have the option to lock the Save, Share and Spend areas so money grows faster.
A group of busykid features people in a circle on a blue background.

Establish Individual Identities

No matter how many children are in your family, they each have their own account and PIN for access.
A blue background with a white icon of a family holding hands.

Multi-parental Approvals

Both parents are able to approve chores and money movement.
A white broom icon on a blue background, highlighting the busykid feature.

Pre-set Chores/ Allowances By Age

Our app pre sets chores and allowance base upon the age of your child, but you can also manage yourself.
A hand holding a phone with busykid features.

Parental Activity Monitoring

Through the Activity Feed, parents and kids can track every transaction including anything done on the BusyKid Visa Spend Card.
A blue background with a percentage sign is one of the features of BusyKid.

Automatic Allowance Allocations

Parents control how much allowance goes into the Save, Share and Spend areas. As long as it equals 100%, parents can set anyway it fits the family.

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