BusyKid Investing For Your Kids

BusyKid Investing For Your Kids

Disney, Apple, Netflix, and so many companies that help shape your Busy Kids’ lives are publicly-traded on the stock market. We think it is time to make it easy for your kids to literally own a small part of them, and possibly profit from them. BusyKid is the only chore chart app that will give your kids the opportunity to use their allowance to buy small pieces of stock in these big companies. Starting with just $10, you can also set long-term goals, reinvest their dividends, and accumulate more and more stock on its own over time.

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Investing Advice For Your BusyKid

Remember; investing can be risky business. However, BusyKid offers a safe, parent-guided environment that allows your kids to gain experience now to be ahead of the game later. For that Busy Kid ready to start investing, here is some more advice to keep in mind.


Make sure to do some homework on the companies you would like to invest in. You may love or use their products, but after reading about them, you might not want to make an investment in them.


Being successful in the stock market takes a good sense of timing. You want to buy stocks at a low price and sell at a higher price. It’s important to watch your investments and to make the right decision on when the time is right to move.


It’s bound to happen. You pick the wrong stock, pull out too soon or too late. Maybe you lose all you invested. Don’t sweat it. You’re not the first to do it, and you won’t be the last. The good news is you’re young and able to rebound from whatever happened. Just don’t quit!


Let investing be fun right now. Unlike having your money in a bank account where it just sits, the stock market lets you watch your money live in the market and enjoy doing it. Following your investments weekly could be the start of something bigger when you become an adult.

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