Chores & Allowance (Set By Age)

BusyKid provides a chore chart where the chores and allowance are preset by the age of the child. Parents have the option to manipulate these as well.

Shopping Wisely

Take your kid’s spending freedom to the next level by giving them their own BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Card for only $7.99/yr. For more information on possible card fees, click here.

Invest In Real Stock

BusyKid is the only chore chart app that gives your kids the opportunity to use their allowance to invest in stock for companies like Disney, Apple, and Netflix. Through a special arrangement with our partner, Stockpile, there is no fee when buying a stock, and a $.99 fee when selling one.

Donations to 20+ Charities

Your kids can make a difference by donating a percentage of their allowance with more than 20 charities nationwide.


Reward an outstanding performance, getting straight A’s in school or for going above and beyond while helping out around the house. The BusyKid Bonus gives a parent or grandparent the chance to pay a bonus to any child to show appreciation for a job well done.

Parent Approvals

While BusyKid is designed to allow children to make financial decisions, when it comes to any money moving outside the system for cash, donations, stock or shopping on a BusyKid Spend Card, a parent must approve.

It’s History

For the first time, BusyKid provides a detailed history of all chores, paydays and transactions, including anything that happens on a Spend Card. The “Activity Feed” gives a parent a “real time” look into what a child is doing.