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Each year, millions of high school graduates head into the real world without ever taking a single class on how to manage money. It’s time to teach our children at home from an early age. Children learn best by “doing” and BusyKid lets them practice important real-life lessons from the palm of their hands.

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What a great app! A must-have!”

BusyKid will help teach your child how to invest in WallStreet.”

“Kids learn financial responsibility!”

“Kids will be prepared for their future!”

It Couldn’t Be More


Parents set the chores, kids complete them, and allowance is direct deposited each Friday!

It Couldn’t Be More


Each week a percentage of weekly allowance is saved automatically!

It Couldn’t Be More


Kids learn the importance of giving back by donating a percentage of their allowance to charity.

It Couldn’t Be More


BusyKid allows kids to invest their hard-earned allowance into real stock.

It Couldn’t Be More


Learning to be responsible with money is easier with the BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Card.

Empower Your Kids To Spend Responsibly

The BusyKid Visa® Prepaid Spend Card gives your kids the freedom to spend anywhere Visa® is accepted, and parents see every transaction made. Transfer funds anytime and anywhere. One Busykid Spend Card is included in your $19.99 annual family subscription, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t begin teaching your child how to spend responsibly. (Each additional card $7.99/yr)

You may encounter other fees when using the card, click here for more information


The latest enhancement for BusyKid, the chore chart and allowance app where children can earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance, is an easy way for a grandparent, friend, or neighbor to add money to a child’s BusyKid account.

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So the race has begun to find the BEST OF THE BEST for 2021! If you have a child or children off to a great start, encourage them to keep it going so you can nominate them in November.

The announcement will be made on November 30th.

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Helping to Improve
Financial Literacy
Across America

In working towards our goal of using modern technology to develop strong character, work ethic and money management skills in the next generation of children, BusyKid is proud to join forces with the American Public Education Foundation (APEF). Our organizations will shine a light on what is really being taught in schools and advocate for their improvement and development.

Did you know only 57% of Americans are able to pass a financial literacy test or survey? Based on requirements, standards and curriculum, each state was graded on its K-12 financial education. 35 out of 50 states earned a C, D or F grade.

*S&P Global FinLit Survey, by the World Bank, Gallup, and George Washington University
*The American Public Education Foundation’s Vision 2020 Financial Literacy Report Card