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If you believe your child should be considered, please keep in mind that the coins go to those children who not only completed a significant number of chores and earned allowance doing so, but they also displayed a basic understanding of saving, spending or investing their allowance wisely.

The BusyKid Challenge Coin ​goes to ​ children ​ ​who have learned how to EARN, SAVE, SHARE, SPEND and INVEST their ALLOWANCE. To qualify, the child must:

  • Be from a family with an active BusyKid membership.
  • Have completed chores and received allowance.
  • Be nominated though the BusyKid website.

Previous Recipients

  • May 2018 • The Dies Family, Raleigh • NC
  • April 2018 • The Floreani Family • Austin, TX
  • April 2018 • The McCord Family • Dallas, TX
  • March 2018 • The Arana Family • Chicago, IL

Dating back to the Roman Empire, Challenge Coins, rewarded soldiers by presenting them with coins to recognize their achievements.

BusyKid has created its own Challenge Coin to recognize children who have achieved success earning, saving, sharing, spending and investing allowance. Each month, BusyKid will select a child or children who have used the chore/allowance platform and have demonstrated an understanding of the basic principles of finance, and present them with their own coin.

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