Created to Help
ALL Children

typical and special needs

develop strong work ethic and become more independent.

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Being a Parent Can Be the Most Gratifying and Rewarding Job, but It’s Also the Toughest Job on The Planet and Even Tougher for Parents that Have a Child with Special Needs.

Everything we teach our children is to help them build strong character traits and be prepared for life, especially when we’re no longer around. Most parents expect when they have a child that their child will grow up, go to college, get a job, and become a responsible adult to carry out their life successfully.

But what about the child that grows up and still needs assistance – sometimes for life? How do we teach them work ethic, responsibility, accountability, and eventually getting a job? And what about the value of money and how to save, spend, and invest? Then the question becomes “are they ready?”

How does it work?


Parents set the chores, your kids complete them, and allowance is direct deposited each Friday!


Each week your children watch their savings grow with a percentage of their weekly allowance set aside automatically!


Your children learn the importance of giving back by donating a small percentage of their weekly allowance to charity.


Your children can use their hard earned allowance money to invest in shares of real stock if they wish. All in our easy to use app.


Backed by Visa® Zero liability policy, this card can be locked temporarily if misplaced. If lost, one press of a button or call can start a replacement process fast.

Busykid Is The First And Only Chore-chart App

created to help ALL children – typical and special needs - develop strong work ethic and become more independent.

All children need to learn how to earn and manage money, and BusyKid has proven applications that have really connected with special needs children. BusyKid app could be the key to helping them with structure, balance, developing independence, and life skills that eventually lead to a job.

Cricket Barrientos, founder of “Sounds of Autism,” has experienced firsthand how BusyKid has helped her son, Landon, learn life skills through doing his chores.

I would recommend this to all families, but it has especially made a huge difference with our son. Though he’s autistic, he’s now doing chores on his own and learning how to manage his allowance, including making purchases online and buying stock. We won’t be around forever so he really needs to grasp as much of this as possible so he won’t be completely dependent on someone else.


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