So MUCH, For So Little

Everyone wants the most for their money, so that’s why BusyKid is the perfect fit for any family wanting kids growing up responsible and great at managing finances.

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The most features and cards for the lowest price in the industry. Don't believe us? We’ve done the vetting for you, so you can see for yourself.

Here’s a summary of benefits and costs compared to other options:

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FEATURES GoHenry Greenlight
Family Plan YES YES No Yes
Allowance Tracker
Customize Chores
Kids Prepaid Debit Card
Allowance Payout
Friends & Family Can Add Money (BusyPay™)
Donate to Charity One
Send Bonuses
Invest In Stock Additional Cost
Cost FREE $19.99/yr Card Included $47.88/yr per child
Card Included
Cards Included
Additional Card (based on 1 child) N/A $7.99 / yr. N/A $47.88 / yr. $59.88 / yr.


is looking for the

Best of the Best!

So the race has begun to find the BEST OF THE BEST for 2021! If you have a child or children off to a great start, encourage them to keep it going so you can nominate them in November.

The announcement will be made on November 30th.


Your Satisfaction, Guaranteed.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with BusyKid in the first 30 days, we will refund your money back. No questions asked.

*BusyKid can not refund any stock purchases made. Only the subscription paid will be refunded. Guarantee applies to new subscriptions only.*