So MUCH, For So Little

Everyone wants the most for their money, so that’s why BusyKid is the perfect fit for any family wanting kids growing up responsible and great at managing finances.

Comparison Shopping

With most prepaid cards for kids, you’ll pay a fee every month. But with BusyKid, you’ll pay much less only once a year. We’ve done the vetting for you, and with many of the same features, BusyKid is still the lowest-priced app.

Here’s a summary of benefits and costs compared to other options:

(Swipe Left and Right)
FEATURES RoosterMoneyUS GoHenry Greenlight
Family Plan YES YES Yes No Yes
Allowance Tracker × × × ×
Customize Chores × × × ×
Kids Prepaid Debit Card × No × ×
Allowance Payout × × × ×
Donate to Charity × × One ×
Send Bonuses × ×
Invest In Stock × ×
Annual Family Cost (based on 1 child) FREE $19.99 Card Included $18.99
(no card)
Card Included
Card Included
Additional Card (based on 1 child) N/A $7.99 / yr. N/A $47.88 / yr. $95.76 / yr.

Raise responsible kids