Top 20 Spring Chores for Kids

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Top 20 chores your kids may be able to tackle this Spring

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Though snow still may be falling at your house, the calendar is showing that it’s almost time for Spring cleaning. Having your kids help around the house is not only a valuable way to teach your kids responsibility., but it also burns calories and helps you have a cleaner home faster. When teaching your kids anything, it’s ideal if you can include more than one lesson at a time. By paying your kids an allowance for doing chores, you can also teach them the value of hard work and additionally money management!

BusyKid, the first app where kids can earn, save, share, spend and invest allowance, has come up with the Top 20 chores your kids may be able to tackle this Spring. See how many your kids can get done!

  1. Dust baseboards
  2. Reorganize cabinets
  3. Mop floors
  4. Clear off the top of the fridge and wipe clean
  5. Clean out and wash drawers in the kitchen
  6. Dust blinds
  7. Wash windows (inside and outside)
  8. Rearrange living room furniture to vacuum underneath
  9. Clean toilets, baths, and tubs
  10. Clean out closets
  11. Clean garage
  12. Wash a car
  13. Vacuum inside of car
  14. Put winter clothes in storage
  15. Plant flowers in the garden
  16. Rearrange (and clean) bedroom
  17. Wash dogs
  18. Power-wash trash cans
  19. Gather old toys to give away to charity
  20. Paint a room

Kids can be unbelievable help around the house if parents will let them. BusyKid suggests providing children weekly chores they can complete to earn an allowance. Giving your kids an allowance for assigned chores gives them the invaluable opportunity to learn financial responsibility. Raising kids is hard, but you must give them the keys to success by helping them develop a solid work ethic and basic understanding of personal finance from an early age.

Think of BusyKid as your kid’s first job. You assign weekly chores on our easy-to-use mobile app, your child completes the chore, and then gets paid every Friday. Join us in our mission of helping children grow to have a strong work ethic and financial skills that will last a lifetime.

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