Jobs for Teens: How to Make Money as a Teen

Jobs for Teens

Jobs for Teens: How to Make Money as a Teen for a  Better Financial Future

Depending on their age, interests, and where they live, teens can take their pick from part-time, online, and summer jobs. Not only are jobs for teens a good way to earn some extra money, but they can also set the foundations for future, healthy financial habits.

To help parents and teens find the best possible options out there, we at BusyKid have compiled a list that’s divided into two categories. The first is in-person opportunities, and the second is jobs that can be done online. We’re also going to help your teens during the hiring process and talk about some good saving and investing practices. So let’s jump into it.

Popular In-Person Jobs for Teens

If your teens have means for getting around, and they’re within walking or driving distance of businesses, these are some jobs for teens to consider.

Fast Food Attendants

Fast food attendants can have many responsibilities when working in a fast food environment. They can range from working behind the counter, taking orders, preparing food or beverages, or working the drive-through.

Teens working as fast attendants will probably need to learn and understand the menus so they can better help customers. They also might have to clean the restaurants as part of their tasks. To do the job successfully, teens need solid customer service skills, and any other training should be provided once hired.


Many different businesses require someone to work the cash register, which is why the environment can be so different. For example, your teens could be working in grocery stores, hardware stores, etc. With that said, no matter where they’re working, the responsibilities mostly stay the same.

More often than not, businesses won’t require you to know their system beforehand and will provide on-site training. However, keep in mind that working as a cashier often requires working on one’s feet all day, which is why it’s important to have good stamina and strong people skills.

Restaurant Hosts/Hostesses

Working as a host or hostess at a restaurant requires having good social skills, customer service skills, and a friendly and helpful attitude. Hosts and hostesses help guests or diners to their tables, convey important information, and answer questions.

Another important part of working as a host/hostess is taking reservations and taking phone calls. It can be a pretty good summer job, but if your teens feel like they can handle the responsibilities, maybe it’s something they can do after school, as well.


Depending on your location and the business, baristas and restaurant hosts tend to make a similar salary. However, a barista’s responsibilities entail making and serving coffee or other beverages, greeting people, and answering questions about the menu.

There’s training that goes into working as a barista, as they need to know how to make a variety of beverages by heart. Luckily, most places provide it on-sight, and might not even require previous experience.

Retail Sales Associates

Working in retail can be a pretty demanding job and it requires a lot of customer service. In addition to sales, there are lots of different jobs for teens within the retail space, including working the cash register, setting up displays, retail sales associates’ work, and so on.

To thrive in retail work, your teens should have good people and organizational skills. In addition to the tasks we’ve just listed, teenagers might also need to do inventory, handle returns and exchanges, and ensure that the store is clean and looks presentable.

Restaurant Servers

Besides hosting and working in a fast food environment, teens can also work as servers or bussers. Their job would entail taking down orders, bringing them out, and ensuring that the diners have a pleasant experience in the restaurant.

Sometimes, servers might have to take over for hosts or bussers and might need to clear tables and escort guests. They should also be familiar with the menu, and be able to answer any questions. 

Dog Walkers

If your teens prefer the company of dogs over people, getting them into dog walking or pet sitting might be a good fit. Walking dogs gives teens a great reason to go outside and get some exercise while spending time with animals.

In addition to walking the dogs, they might also need to feed them, clean up after them, and provide water. Again, depending on where you live, dog walking jobs often pay a bit more than working in restaurants or retail. However, they need to show that they’re responsible and will have to figure out how to get clients.


If your teens love keeping their space neat and are good at cleaning chores, they might want to work as cleaners. They could work in houses, apartments, or even in smaller offices. Depending on the space itself, there would be a lot of different tasks to complete.

For instance, they might need to do sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, washing floors, bathrooms, shared spaces, etc. There’s really no training required to work as a cleaner, but they do need some basic equipment, tools, and cleaning products to get started.


Tutoring is definitely one of the better-paid jobs for teens out there but it requires much more skill and knowledge than most other work. If your teens excel at certain subjects, they can pass that knowledge on to their peers or kids younger than them.

An essential part of this job is explaining and distilling complex concepts in simpler terms. What’s more, tutors need to help students develop better learning methods when studying to ensure better results.


Another tried and true job among teens has always been babysitting. It can be a pretty high-paying job, but with it comes a lot of responsibility. Depending on the ages of the children, teens might need to know how to complete tasks like feeding, bathing, and transporting.

Also, an integral part of babysitting is knowing how to provide first aid to children by completing a CPR class. Working with kids also requires a lot of patience and flexibility, so make sure that your teens know the full scope of the job before starting it.

Popular Online Jobs for Teens

Online jobs for teens are pretty accessible to all and could be a good fit for those who don’t have the time or means to do in-person jobs each day.

Completing Surveys

There are lots of sites out there that pay to complete surveys online. The only thing needed to do this job is an internet connection and a bit of time. Completing surveys doesn’t require any training or a particular skill, which means that most teens can easily do it.

Most survey websites are free to join and only require email verification. Some pay by the hour and some pay for each completed survey, so make sure to do some research before having your teen sign up on any website.

Doing Data Entry

Doing data entry is a bit trickier than just completing surveys as it does require some skill, usually experience with MS Office and data programs. The main responsibility of data entry operators includes inserting customer and account data by inputting numerical and text-based information from source documents.

If they land a data entry job, your teens might also be expected to compile, verify the accuracy, and sort information. They also might have to review data and have basic research skills.

Customer Service

Customer service is another popular type of online job for teens because it can be done in the comfort of their homes. All your teens need is a stable internet connection, a headset, and patience when dealing with customers.

Lots of teens and students take on this type of job because it offers flexibility and lots of companies hire part-time. However, your teen would probably need to be over the age of 16 to be considered for the position. 

Helping Teens Get Hired

Most businesses that hire teens realize that these kids are just starting out and don’t have any previous work experience, and it’s usually not a problem. However, there are things you can do with your kids that will give them a better chance of getting hired.

For one, you can help them figure out what they’d like to do based on their interests and affinities. You should also help them figure out the tools they’ll need and guide them through the resume and cover letter process.

Parents can also help prepare their teens for the interview by offering tips from their own jobs or even doing mock interviews. You can also advise your teens to have questions ready for the interviewer because it shows initiative. 

Another important step is teaching them about workplace safety and what it entails. If they feel it’s not a safe space, either physically or mentally, they can get out and find something better. Remember, it’s probably their first job ever so your teens probably won’t know what to look for, which is why guiding them is key.

Saving and Investing for Teens

Jobs for teens are an excellent way to help kids earn some extra money and gain invaluable life experience. With that said, your teens are probably going to want to spend their paychecks on something fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that. 

However, it’s crucial that they know just how important saving and investing for the future is. 

For example, there are lots of benefits to opening a savings account, including encouraging self-reliance and teaching financial literacy. These accounts can be good tools to teach them delayed gratification, while their hard-earned money grows in the bank. You can find out more on how to open a savings account and why you should do it sooner rather than later.

And if your kids want to know more about the cashless experience, we recommend helping them set up a BusyKid Visa® Debit Card. They can use it for in-store and online purchases, and learn more about responsible spending. What’s more, you can get up to five BusyKid cards for your kids and they’re ideal for teens up to the age of 18.

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