Learn to Earn: 3 Great Jobs for 12-Year-Olds in 2023 to Earn Their Money.

jobs for 12-year-olds

Learn To Earn: 3 Jobs For 12-Year-Olds in 2023 And A Way To Learn Financial Responsibility.

The world is peppered with responsibilities, and twelve years old is an excellent time to start gaining a sense of financial responsibility. This can be something that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Teaching our children how to deal with money sensibly and care is essential here. Role models in our lives can help us to develop this, alongside the opportunities. If you have a child willing to make their own money, take advantage of this opportunity but guide them. 

There are plenty of jobs for 12-year-olds to help them learn to earn, be financially responsible, manage money, work, explore finances, and become responsible adults. The BusyKid Debit Card is a great way to give your child some freedom to explore their financial responsibilities at an age where this naturally begins. In addition, the BusyKid Debit Card is perfect for your child to get them started on their mission to learn about money in 2023 and how it works.

jobs for 12-year-olds

3 Jobs For 12-Year-Olds That Pay in 2023 to Help Them Earn Money and Learn Financial Responsibility

Do you remember when all sorts of ideas came to your mind when you were a kid to make money? It was a master plan to get your hands on whatever you wanted, that new bike or toy. It’s the same with kids today. Only they are much more well-informed than we ever were. In addition, they have great options out there. 

However, there are a lot of jobs on the internet that can be very dangerous for our kids without proper supervision. But then again, they will think you are not trusting them or endangering their privacy. It can be an awkward situation, and in creating this list, we thought of jobs for 12-year-olds that are both fun and safe while earning money. We will also give you ideas that we learned when starting BusyKid

3 Jobs For 12-Year-Olds That Pay

A Future Boss: Working at the Family-Owned Business

The future is coming. You can’t see it, and neither can we, but it’s sure to happen. Your child may not want to keep the family tradition in business, but it’s a good school for all future endeavors. 

First, working in the family business can be fun for a 12-year-old to learn the basics. Where’s the fun? You have to explain what motivates you to keep going with that business, what you like about it, and what the reward is. Being honest with your child gives them a role model, and we all know how role models can significantly impact the child. 

Secondly, it’s an efficient way to find someone to help you out with minor duties, and it’s an efficient way to teach your child responsibility and management skills without being overbearing. Finally, while gaining skills, they prepare for the future even if they do not notice it. 

Finally, they will know how consumers think, which can give them an advantage in future careers since everything revolves around the people who seek our products or services. In addition, this generation is digital. Therefore, they can help you with social media content and, with your input, build an audience and customers for your business.

You can use the BusyKid app and debit card to teach them how the real world works, manage their finances, and learn the significance of delayed gratification. You can transfer their “salary” directly into their app account by using BusyPay™. You can give them a lesson of a lifetime just by owning your own business. 

Working at the Family-Owned Business

Kids Who Clean: Easy Way for Kids to do Chores and Earn Money 

The truth is that chores give kids valuable lessons about life. Earning money is closely tied to work, effort and initiative. Many parents disagree about paying allowance to kids for doing chores when in essence, you are providing that money anyway. It’s not about the money so much as it is about the reward. Ultimately, they will use that money to buy whatever they want. 

However, why not use the opportunity to show them what hard work and its compensation mean in real life? You can give them age-appropriate jobs such as cleaning the mess, vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and washing dishes. 

Earning money while doing chores benefits a child and the entire family. We live busy lives, and it can get overwhelming. However, your kids will learn to take care of themselves, and you will get help around the house. In return, you can reward them with anything you like or think they will appreciate, but give verbal praise for a well-done job. It will encourage them to do it by themselves in the future. 

Additionally, you can use the BusyKid app and its features to teach them about money management. Our app gives you a chore chart and allowance preset according to your child’s age, but you can customize it to your needs. The app has three “buckets,” including Save-Invest, Spend, and Share. 

You can teach your child to save money for something big by arranging for a certain percentage of their allowance to be automatically transferred to savings. Any actions, including cash withdrawal via BusyKid debit card, donation, and stock shopping, go through parent approval. That means you will get notified about what goes on with your child’s account. 

Kids Who Clean

Gardening for Kids: The Easiest, Funnest Job for 12-Year-Olds

Some kids are just not meant to be indoors; if you have a kid willing to put effort into growing plants, they can make money out of it. It’s nothing new; teens have been working as gardeners for decades. However, why not make a patch in the yard and grow their plants, vegetables, and fruits? 

Garden work has many benefits. It provides physical activity, sunlight, and fresh air. Not to mention that your child is learning about the living world. Gardeners’ job is to learn constantly about the maintenance of plants, different soils, and more. 

Using plants, any kind of homemade craft like a wreath is just as beneficial and can make additional pocket money. They can sell all these products at a farmers market or in front of the house when the time comes. Some websites connect gardeners with people who want fresh produce. This is a great place to reach more people if you are ready to engage with your child’s work. Who knows, it’s a patch today and a plantation tomorrow. 


Regardless of what a child is interested in, the options for jobs for 12-year-olds are almost unlimited. The hard part is to find out what they like and interest them in something practical. At this age, fun is good, but why not use their willingness to teach them financial literacy and money management in 2023? Let’s face it, most of us learned about money as adults. 

We get through our school years thinking that a job automatically means money in the bank and that these funds will magically appear when we need them. It doesn’t. That is why so many people have credit card debts, student loans, and mortgages they can’t afford to pay off.

Hence, giving your kids an invaluable lesson in money management and financial literacy that will last for a lifetime is essential.

If you missed the latest post by our CEO Gregg Murset, in this article, he shares his views about how chores can help give kids the edge to succeed.

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