Adventures of Money Management: Investing Books for Kids

Investing books for kids

Can you remember a book in your childhood that made you experience the world so that it stayed with you for a very long time? Psychologists confirm that children learn and build skills through stories. Hence, adventures can happen even in money management-related books. Through mundane problems and tasks, our main hero character somehow always finds a resolution. We’ve compiled the best-investing books for kids for your child’s finance adventure.


Book Recommendation: 10 Best Investing Books for Kids

Parents wonder whether their child is too young to be learning about money. The generations before them have learned about money from counting coins, make-believe shopping, and reading books. 


Today, in modern times, when everything revolves around the digital world, it’s best to upgrade that basic strategy and introduce kids to every aspect of money management. There are mobile solutions such as chore apps with kids’ debit cards. For example, one of the highest-rated apps is BusyKid. These apps teach kids the concept of earning, saving, spending, and sharing their allowance. 

Investing books for kids

Perhaps they will never use this knowledge but knowing about it is just as important. At some point, they will enter the real world with all its financial responsibilities, and they should know how to handle themselves in any situation. Reading investing books for kids is a great way to ensure they grasp the concept of saving and investing at a young age. 


On Your Mark, Get Set, INVEST

Luke Villermin, the author, challenges kids to follow the race to the finish line! First, follow Thrifty Tortoise and Ritzy Rabbit as they take a trip through each step of the money-making process. Then, follow them as they compete in a race to win a new bike. Of course, they make some good and bad financial decisions on the way, but it’s all a part of the learning process.


This book will help kids between the age of eight to twelve understand the world of personal finance and investing. With over a dozen interactive worksheets, engaging illustrations, and kid-friendly real-life examples, the book is bound to help young readers learn how to earn, save, and invest money.


Growing Money

The book is a fresh, informative, and practical outlook on finance by Gail Karlitz and Debbie Honig. This book is an excellent guide to how money works. It will give your family valuable insights into banking, stocks, and investing. 


There is a variety of information on how banking works, including savings accounts, bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. Written in an easy-to-understand style for three to seven-year-olds, with plenty of current examples, kids will better understand what they see in the real world and how to handle money in their lives. 


The Everything Kids’ Money Book

This book by Brette Sember is full of great ways to help kids understand the value of money and become financially responsible adults. From saving to investing, kids get the basics of the banking system they need with this book.


It takes children aged four to six on a journey through the financial world and teaches them how to invest their money and watch it grow. Children will learn how to save, spend wisely, earn interest on their savings, and use credit cards responsibly—all fun yet educational.


Go! Stock! Go!

Go! Stock! Go! is a book that explains to children the importance of stocks, bonds, and the stock market in an educational and entertaining way. The story follows a family of four as they experience their first investment in the stock market through the excitement and trials of one family’s experience with investing. 


Much like Dr. Seuss’s illustrations, the use of animated characters shows up throughout the story and helps make it more appealing to young readers. 


The book is intended for children and teenagers, as it uses simple language to explain the mystical world of finances practically. However, this book by Bennett Zimmerman is sure enough to interest even the adult audience. 

Go! Stock! Go!

If You Made a Million

For kids ages 4 to 8 and up – If You Made a Million is a delightfully readable book by David M Schwartz about making money. This fun-filled book presents the world of finance in as fascinating a way as anything ever written about magic. 


It is a story following the magician Marvelosissimo who guides the reader through the basics of earning, investing and saving money. He also unveils some mystery and wonder that go along with all that.


The Young Investor

Investing book for kids, written for ages nine and up, this book is a guide on simple concepts of finance and skills of investing. The author Katherine R. Bateman writes in plain language the explanation of investing and how compound interests work. In addition, several projects illustrate how to handle checkbooks and understand the standard terms used in finances. 


The Kids’ Money Book

The Kids’ Money Book is filled with fun, engaging illustrations and educational content that teach children how to manage money. With new features, including a glossary of financial terms, this is a revised and updated edition of Jamie Kyle McGillian’s financial guide for kids. 


McGillian wrote the book for kids between the ages of eight and twelve. The author uses plain language to get kids to understand saving, budgeting, sharing, and investing. 


The Adventures Of Super Kennedy

This book follows the adventures of a young girl named Kennedy, who loves to save and invest. As a child, she learned about saving money and investing in property. This story includes illustrations highlighting how fun it is for her to save money. 


Kennedy is trying to save enough money to buy and fix a house. Meanwhile, she is into gymnastics and preparing herself for the Olympics. The author Christopher O’Neal shared a real-life story filled with interesting characters to engage kids ages eight to ten to get on board with understanding the finances and mainly investing. 


Investor Ninja

A hilarious collection of children’s books by Mary Nhin is perfect for boys, girls, toddlers, and early readers. Investor Ninja is an investing book for kids ages three to twelve. The book is depicted through interesting characters to explain investing through a witty narrative.


Investing for Kids

According to the author Daphne M Cooper, investing and earning money is not hard if you know how. However, it can be a challenge if you don’t know how. This book provides a simple step-by-step guide on how your child can learn to invest and be successful in life with their earnings. 


Investing for Kids teaches children about saving, investing, and using your money wisely. In addition, your child will learn how to have a strong foundation, building their confidence and self-esteem.



Investing in books for kids contributes to the future and is a smart way to teach your kids about money. Then, even if you have financial struggles, you’ll be able to experience peace of mind knowing your children will be better equipped to handle life when they grow up.


While all of the above offers ways to get your children investing, the most important thing is to keep it fun and exciting. If you can do this and get them interested in making wise decisions about money while they are young, they will be more likely to stick with it as they get older. 


They need to learn a lot before becoming successful investors, but starting early ensures they have the right attitude toward money. A child’s mind is like a sponge. Each day brings new experiences and countless impressions that will add up to make them who they are – or not. By giving them a solid foundation at such an essential stage in their lives, you are helping shape their future. Do it right, and you’re off to a good start!

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