Set-Up Tips for Your Child’s Future – How to Make Money for 13-Year-Olds

How to Make Money for 13-Year-Olds

Set Your Child’s Future Self up for Success (Beginners Guide to Job Seeking) – How To Make Money for 13-Year-Olds 

If you think this will be another list of jobs on how to make money for 13-year-olds, you are wrong! Well, sort of. Apart from providing job examples, we will develop steps to help your 13-year-old kid guide their future career in the right direction and become a master at it. Knowing things now will help them fall seamlessly into their future self and career. Look at it this way; they must have a passion or something they like to do now that can hint at their future career. 

How to Make Money for 13-Year-Olds

Find the Way to Understand 13 Year Olds Passions and Affinities

Laws on child workers are strict, and most states say they can do part-time jobs by the time they are 13 years old. However, that selection of possible work is relatively scarce, and they can work up to 12 hours a week. Additionally, they might need school permission to work outside of school hours. 

We live in a world of infinite opportunities, yet many seldom use them wisely. As a result, only a few people are able to realize their full potential. Why? Because they knew from the start what they wanted to do with their time. Our kids have the same opportunity to become better versions of themselves and develop in a way that will take them on the road to success. 

In truth, guiding them on the right path is difficult. It cannot be forced or redirected because you want what is best for your child. Sometimes what they want is different from our standards. For example, they might want to be a chef. Whatever their choice is, they have to be sure of it. As hard as it is for us to comprehend why not something else, often their choice is guided by passion and interest, so why not help them achieve that goal on a path to success instead of steering them in the opposite direction? 

13-year-olds are each unique and react to this kind of conversation differently. But what they have in common now is making money for whatever reason. It can be a bicycle or something else. Whichever way it is, it’s something meaningful in their reality. So find your way to communicate in the best way what lies ahead and how you can help them reach their goals.

Aligning Passion + Real Job Prospects for 13-Year-Olds

You are not guiding them on a career path right this instant, but the knowledge you provide can help them in the future to perfect their skills and make money. These are the two most important things when talking about jobs. 

But let’s say they have an affinity for specific industries. They may be good at designing digital products, for instance, logo design. If that interests them, you can guide them into that world and prepare them for the future. They can charge from $10 to $50 and build their portfolio.

Making a decision takes work. Some 13-year-olds are still trying to find what they want to do. However strange it may sound, asking them a simple question: “what makes your heart sing?” That question might help them find that path to focus on today. If that’s not working, ask them to list what they like to do. You can take one or two and align them with real-life jobs.

Aligning that passion with the job is no easy task, but let’s presume your child is adamant about being a chef. Well, the first job they can do is fast food. Some people may frown on that, but remember that skills are built from the ground up and upgraded over time. In addition, it pays $16.26 per hour. But, as it happens, most fast food chains accept teenagers 14 years old and up. 

But what are they going to do for a year? As cliche as it sounds, make a lemonade stand or let them go grocery shopping. Kids can do chores around the house and get an allowance for a well-done job. Let them experience the responsibility of doing the job simultaneously and with the same quality. Meanwhile, they can focus on their options for the following year. For example, research each fast food chain. 

Real Job Prospects for 13-Year-Olds

Sneak Peak Into Online Jobs & Make Money for 13-Year-Olds

In the world of modern kids, not all things are simple. For example, they might have an interest in videos and so on. In truth, the online world is only sometimes welcoming, and unless your child knows how to deal with bad comments, it is not recommendable. Apart from the people, there is hard work behind each video and upload to a specific platform. 

Many skills are required, topic, writing, editing videos, creating thumbnails, and more. Video editing and graphic design are sought after lately, and it’s not going away that easily. However, there are variants that your kid can do now and still make money under your supervision. 

Etsy, for example, is an online market where people sell digital designs. However, they have age restrictions, so you should check the terms and conditions before deciding. The principle is simple: you design printables for a few cents and sell them repeatedly as long as you have that shop. 

The truth is making money for 13-year-olds is all about creativity, and being able to recognize the opportunity. For instance, you might have a kid who is good at mentoring others. Their classmates or younger students need tutoring on a specific subject. 

If your child fills the bill, why not use it as an experience and perhaps tomorrow as a future teacher? It can be anything, including swimming lessons. Tutoring alongside babysitting is one of the best-paid jobs for teens. Depending on their knowledge, they can earn between $10-$20 per hour. 


In conclusion, the answer to the question of how to make money for 13-year-olds is, at the same time, complex and straightforward. Their goal is to make money, and yours is to teach them what they can become if they continue to follow the path. A child with a vision of what they want to do in life is on the right road to future success in that career. However, dreams are significant and start small with mundane tasks. 

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