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Great Financial Gift for Kids

Giving kids weekly chores and rewarding them for their efforts

Are you looking for a financial gift for your children? BusyKid may be the perfect choice for you! One of our key goals is teaching kids how to become financially responsible; we do that with our easy-to-use mobile app. Giving kids weekly chores and rewarding them for their efforts is our first step to help promote responsible future spending.

A financial gift is something your children will learn to appreciate, especially with lessons that BusyKid can provide on financial literacy. On our website, you’ll find informational pieces that help parents teach their kid’s necessary money management skills. When your kids are educated early on about finances, it gives them a good starting point for their future money interactions. In our educational pieces, we encourage parents and grandparents to not always give visual presents for every holiday. We feel kids will better succeed financially if they are given “invisible” gifts where they can pick where they want it spent. With BusyKid, you can invest in their favorite stocks, donate to a charitable cause, or transfer that financial gift to your BusyKid VISA Prepaid Spend Card.

Teaching financial education isn’t easy or exciting but there are few things more important to the future success of our kids. At BusyKid, we educate parents and children on the benefits of making regular charitable donations to some of the most prominent non-profit organizations in the United States. When you choose to donate a portion of your income to a worthy cause at a young age, the goal is for that behavior to carry through to adulthood. Putting a part of your income into a cause that helps people less fortunate than you also teaches financial responsibility by making sure you are spending your weekly funds appropriately.

Raising kids and teaching them the necessary financial skills to succeed in their everyday life is hard, but with BusyKid we try to minimize some of the hard work that goes along. Choosing a financial gift for your child or grandchild’s next gift has the potential to help them in their future expenditures.

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