“Going By The Book” Young Authors Use BusyKid to Manage Their Money

If money doesn’t grow on trees, where does it grow?

Better yet, how does it grow???

These are the questions sisters ‘Ailani and Aralynn Riley wanted to help answer for their friends when they penned their very own book. Their story “If Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, Where Does it Grow?” follows a boy named Julius who wants a new toy, but his parents won’t pay for it. Instead, his parents give him support and advice on how to earn his own money to save for the item he desires.

‘Ailani and Aralynn have been using the BusyKid app to manage their finances since June of 2020, but ‘Ailani noticed her friends didn’t really understand her when she would talk to them about money.

“They just spend their parents’ money and do not really think about how it all works,” she said.
The Michigan natives live with their parents, a pet ferret, and a pet rabbit. Younger sister Aralynn says her parents have taught her the ins and outs of making money, counting money, and saving money. ‘Ailani is happy they gave her confidence to spend money she has earned, but to do it with consideration and care.

Seven-year-old Aralynn describes herself as a big-time girly girl. She loves playing with dolls, dressing up, putting on make-up, and being “fancy.” While 10-year-old ‘Ailani says she likes to travel, is very outgoing, and can almost always be found reading a book. This love of literature sparked her interest in writing and she is already drafting her second story. They have some differences, as sisters often do – little sis reports it was hard to agree on items and decide what should be in the book, while big sis says the challenge for her was organizing all their ideas.

Outside of authoring a book about growing funds, they are quickly climbing as subject matter experts as they navigate their BusyKid accounts and make wise choices about their investments.

“I like to do research first on companies that I already know, like Nintendo, or companies who have names on things I have in my house. I buy stocks for those companies that I am familiar with and that seem to have a good future. Of course, anything can change but I am only using my money set aside for investments in BusyKid so it’s not like I lose everything if my stocks go down,” ‘Ailani shares.

While Aralynn says, “I like to buy stocks that don’t cost a lot of money right now but are doing pretty good. And I really like the ones that pay dividends because it makes money grow faster.”

Yes, there’s a 7-year-old thinking about the word “dividends” and their portfolio! There will likely be even more children throughout the world with similar goals since the Riley sisters’ book was named a #1 bestseller on Amazon.

Their dedication to getting a book out and saving money has afforded ‘Ailani and Aralynn rewards both in purchasing power and their pride. ‘Ailani bought a new PlayStation with her earnings and Aralynn treated herself to several items and treats at Disney World.

It is no surprise that BusyKid named both tremendous young ladies on the BusyKid Best of the Best List for 2021. We can’t wait to see what they will accomplish next. ‘Ailani wants to continue reaching more and more kids and talking to them about money management. Aralynn hopes to see their book get into big stores. Both are confident they will reach their goal of selling 1000 copies within six months. To share the story of Julius with your family, head over to Amazon where it’s available in hardcover or e-readers.

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