Activating a BusyKid Spend Card?

To activate a BusyKid Spend Card, the primary parent will have to:

1. Enter the parent dashboard and select the child

2. On the child card image touch the “Lock” to open up the next screen and enter the last 4 digits of the card # then DONE, then UNLOCK.

Once the card is activated, it’s time to put money on the card. To load the spend card, make sure money is showing in the child account and follow these steps:

There are two ways to ‘LOAD CARD’. The parent or child can do this.

The main parent can then select ‘LOAD CARD’ and select the Spend, Save or Share area to put the money onto the card.

1. Have your child go to their dashboard, then select ‘LOAD CARD’. Then pick the area where money is moving from, the amount to be moved, type in the amount to be loaded and press LOAD CARD.

2. The primary parent will get a notification to approve this action. Inside the Parent Dashboard, press ‘ACTIVITY’ at the bottom of the app and then follow the process to approve.

3. Look at the card image from either the parent or child dashboard to make sure the card balance is right. You might need to press the recycle symbol to update the balance.

For further assistance please contact us at [email protected]

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