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American Red Cross, Our Military Kids & National First Responders Fund added to charities

The American Red Cross logo alongside the logo for Military Kids, highlighting their dedication to donating and their five important functions.

American Red Cross, Our Military Kids & National First Responders Fund added to charities Phoenix, AZ (Nov. 19, 2018)BusyKid announced today that the American Red Cross, Our Military Kids and the National First Responders Fund are the newest charities available to receive donations from kids through BusyKid. BusyKid is the first app that allows kids to earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance by completing weekly chores and activities. Though only available for the last 11 months, kids have already donated over $22,000 to BusyKid charities.

“We believe sharing is an important part of the personal financial plan everyone should follow, and not just because it helps with taxes,” says BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset. “It’s critical for kids to learn as early as possible that sharing a portion of their weekly earnings can help many other people, especially other kids who may be in need. BusyKid can help your kids build a routine of giving that can stay with them the rest of their lives. We are excited to add the American Red Cross, Our Military Kids and the National First Responders Fund to our app so our families can support them directly through our platform.”

American Red Cross
As one of the nation’s premier humanitarian organizations, the American Red Cross is dedicated to helping people in need throughout the United States and, in association with other Red
Cross networks, throughout the world. The organization depends on the many generous contributions of time, blood, and money from the American public to support its lifesaving services and programs.

Annually, the American Red Cross responds to 64,000 disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornados, floods, and even, house fires which make up 90% of the calls it responds to each year.

Our Military Kids
Our Military Kids supports children (ages 5 – 12th grade) of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members, as well as those of wounded veterans from all service branches, with grants that cover up to six months of a chosen activity. Participation in these extracurricular activities has proven to help military children cope with stress and anxiety, as well as foster a sense of self-confidence and postivity, while their parents are recovering or serving overseas.

Started in early 2005, Our Military Kids is now a national organization that has empowered more than 62,000 children.

National First Responders Fund​
First responders are there for us on our worst days. For this reason, the National First Responders Fund was founded on the idea of becoming a trusted source of resources and assistance dedicated to every first responder with a touch-point to emergency incidents. From the dispatcher to every man or woman that is called to the scene, it vows to be there for them on their worst day.

While its mission is broad, the NFRF is developing programs to address specific needs related to first responders and their families, including post traumatic stress treatment, cancer prevention, toxic exposure, chemical dependency and critical incident support, outreach and activation.

About BusyKid
BusyKid is the first chore chart and allowance app where children can earn, save, share, spend and invest real allowance wisely. The platform, available for all mobile devices, is easy to use, highly secure and provides kids hands-on experience in managing real money.

Committed to helping children learn the important basic financial principles they won’t learn in school, BusyKid is designed as a platform that provides real “teachable moments” for kids. It’s perfect for kids 5-16, though kids younger and older are using the platform.

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