BusyKid Honors It’s Top 100 Financial Whiz Kids for 2020

Best of the best 2020.

The financial literacy app evaluates over 200,000 kids’ financial achievements to find Best of Best

Phoenix, AZ — For many, 2020 has been frustrating and circumstances brought on by COVID-19 have forced many adults to review personal finances, investment strategies, spending and saving habits. Still, despite the gloomy financial status of many adults, BusyKid, a family app teaching kids how to manage allowance, has found children who are the “Best of the Best” at using the app the past year and is honoring them as financial “Whiz Kids”.

BusyKid reviewed over 200,000 children’s accounts to find the Top 100 kids using the app to build solid account balances, make investments, donate to charities, show the ability to manage funds in different accounts, and for many, a BusyKid Spend Card.

“First of all, it would’ve been easy to name twice as many winners, but we felt that limiting it to the Top 100 made this initial group of “Whiz Kids extra special,” said BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset. “Parents tell us regularly how not learning more about finance earlier in life has affected them. They also vow, their children will be different. Maybe the success of these kids demonstrates that a shift is taking place and the next generation will be better prepared. Kids learn best by doing, and these ‘Whiz Kids’, have proven that practice makes perfect.”
By being honored as one of BusyKid’s Best of the Best, each child will have a special badge added to their app dashboard and earn a $100 bonus added to their account.

“We congratulate all our “Whiz Kids”, as well as their parents, for achieving a high level of financial success through our app the past year,” added Murset. “With time, I can only imagine where these kids could be if they keep building upon this strong financial base and carry these lessons on through adulthood.”

Here are 70 of BusyKid’s Best of the Best for 2020. 30 other children also made the list, but the parents opted not to share their name publicly. States with an asterisk have unnamed children.

Derrek King
Jocelyn King
Monique Diabiase
Angelina Diabiase

Elan Pils
Violet Brown
Kylie Brown
Lucas Ziegler
Joseph Ziegler
Ian Becerra
Trent Stablein
Nash Stablein

Shae Mcwilliams
Rory Doss
Rafael Gaspar
Daniel Aguilar
Gabe Aguilar
Trystan Chavers
Skyler Ritacco
Brody VanLysal
Myles ValLysal
Rowan Moore
Emersyn Moore
Annie Rinsema
Joy Rinsema
Wrigley Rinsema

Christian Amos
Carrington Amos

Cassidy Kodie
Mackenzie Kodie

Ryker Hamilton

Claire Tyler
Lincoln Tyler
Elise Tyler

Mason MacDonald
Ashten MacDonald

New Jersey*
Amelia Flynn
Colin Flynn

New York*
Simi Aviza
Zoe Aviza

North Carolina*
Caswell Choi
Jane Choi

Riley Hayes
Hailey Hayes
Adley Kams
Parker Kams
Finley Hayes

Morgan Schlesinger
Jackson Schlesinger
Nolan Glaeser

Miles Woolsey
Django Woolsey

South Carolina
Xander Rose
Olivia Rose

Chris Hunter
Matt Hunter

Amanda Gibson

Ava Williams
Eliana Williams

Emma Blanchard
Noah Blanchard

Marcel Jones
Elijah Jones

Abe Dubin
Justin P.
Lucy Campbell
Terry Campbell III
Eva Villavicencio

Washington DC
Zoe Robinson
Mia Robinson
Carli Robinson

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