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5 Ways Allowances That Reward Chores Can Help Children In Life

5 Ways Allowances That Reward Chores Can Help Children In Life

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If you are one of the 57% of American adults who received an allowance growing up, there’s a 90% chance you had to do chores to earn it, and a 70% chance that you had to work for every penny. Chores, like getting the mail, watering the plants, or doing the dishes, are excellent ways of instilling a solid work ethic in your children. Giving them an allowance is also a great incentivization strategy. Earning an allowance will give your children the discipline to open up many doors later in life. Here are just a few examples of how a chore chart can help your kids grow.

1. Productive Careers
One of the most obvious ways a chore chart can translate to later success in life is through instilling a strong work ethic. Tracking kids chores is like an employer tracking an employee’s productivity metrics. Using a chore app to monitor their work will teach productivity that can translate into long-term career success.

2. Passion Cultivation
If you use an allowance app for your children in accordance with an allowance debit card, they will have easy access to what they’ve earned. This gives them the freedom to explore their interests at a young age, and as they grow, they will spend their money (and time) on things that they have a passion for.

3. Money Management 
If your kids are going to spend money that they’ve earned, it is your job to teach them the importance of saving and how to make the most out of every dollar. This skill can take years to learn, which is why it’s important to start practicing at a young age.

4. Pride In Ownership
More important than actually having stuff is the pride in knowing that it was earned. The feeling of pride your children will get from working hard and saving money will translate into a greater appreciation of money in the long run.

5. Pride In Work
Tracking kids chores might ensure that they are actually doing them, but eventually, they will want to outperform the goals you’ve set for them. This is a very good characteristic to have later in life.

Getting kids to do their chores can be miserably difficult. If you use an incentivization system to make it more engaging and rewarding for them, though, you might find that they will exceed your wildest expectations. This can ultimately lead to establishing great values in them that will work to improve their future.

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