4 Reasons Your Children Need Weekly Chores

A woman is helping her children with their weekly chores by putting dishes into a dishwasher.

4 Reasons Your Children Need Weekly Chores

Do you give your children weekly chores? A weekly chore chart for your child provides them a sense of urgency and teaches time management. Are you taking the right steps to teach your children financial responsibility?

Time Management

When kids are little, they like helping you around the house, by helping you make dinner, or even helping you wash the car. You may want to push off their offer because you feel that you can get it done faster by yourself. When kids are eager to help is the best time to nurture their natural instinct to be helpful. They will learn to share better, help others, and interact with their peers better.

Chores teach children how to work better with others.

Growing up, you teach your children how to share and why it’s crucial for them to be able to play well with others. Making a kid’s chore chart shows them that teamwork will make their chores easier and that running a household isn’t always done with just one person. Helping people around the house can be fun, and making sure that the home you live in is being maintained will help lead a healthier lifestyle for everyone living there.

Hands-on Motor Skills Development

Motor skills are the actions involved when your child uses their muscles. Fine motor skills take place in your wrists, hands, fingers, feet, and toes. For your kid to move and grow up strong, they have to develop their motor skills. When parents choose their child’s chores, they can consist of anything. When they’re young, you can have them help you fold clothes or dry dishes. Both of these are great examples of activities that will help develop their motor skills.


Self-discipline can be a self-acquired skill with years of practice and patience. When you’re a parent and raising a child, it’s vital for them to be self-sufficient and to learn time management to help them live responsibly. When your children have weekly chores, they learn time management; kids don’t want to spend all day doing them, they want to be playing. If your kids can separate time out to do their chores while still having enough time to do what they want, you’re on the right track for teaching them self-discipline.

If we don’t give our children the opportunity to help us, they won’t get the necessary lessons in becoming a competent adult. We provide our children a lot of different tasks for the mere purpose of them to learn, consider adding invaluable learning experiences for them to help mold them into a responsible adult.

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