In the Media - Archive March, 2021

BusyKid App Is Teaching Kids The Value Of Chores & Money

This new app may be able to help encourage a child to help out by tracking chores around the house, and the great incentive is that there is money!


21st Century Piggy Bank for Your Kids

Teaching your kids to manage money is an invaluable life lesson. As a child, my parents would physically hand me money for completing chores around the house as part of a weekly allowance.


Young investor riding erratic stock market

What a time to be nearly fully invested in a roller-coaster stock market. Eleven-year-old Colin Flynn knows the feeling.


BusyKid app helps parents pay children for chores

A local family has been using the app for over a year. The app also teaches children about personal finance.


BusyKid app brings real-world experience to kids’ chores

Confession: I could never keep kids’ chores and allowances straight. I tried sticker charts; I tried whiteboards; I even tried apps. Each model failed because the chores assigned didn’t translate to the chores worked and definitely didn’t translate to the allowance paid to kids or even money spent by kids.


Financial expert tackles state’s Economic and Financial Literacy Act

If approved, Senate Bill 134 would require high school graduates to pass personal finance course


Florida bill would require high school students to take finance class

High school students may soon be required to take a class in personal finance.


Education First | Delaware is far from 1st when it comes to financial literacy

A university study found that the Delaware is among the worst when it comes to students and financial literacy.


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