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Top 5 Questions About Starting a Savings Account for Babies

You’ve just found out that you’re going to be a parent. Congratulations! But soon after, you start mentally registering your financially responsible side wonders—the clothes, the toys, doctor bills, school, and so on. The next thing that pops into your mind is a simple question: can I open savings account for my baby? As a […]

Urgent Wake-Up Call: The Shocking False Confidence Americans Have in Money Management

A grave and pressing concern looms over our nation as studies reveal an alarming trend: Americans harbor an unfounded sense of confidence when it comes to managing their money. Shockingly, recent studies show a staggering 70% of adults believe they possess excellent financial acumen, while the reality paints a starkly different picture. An astonishing 63% […]

Jobs for 11-Year-Olds That Pay and Teach Financial Responsibility 

If you want to learn about jobs for 11-year-olds that pay and get inspired – BusyKid is the place to be! We’ll give you our extensive list of seasonal, traditional, and online jobs and small business ideas. So let’s get into it! Can 11-Year-Olds Work? The main law that regulates child labor in the United […]

Investing for Teens: How to Start, What to Know, and Why Do It

If you’re ready to plunge into the world of investing for teens – you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re breaking everything to know about the benefits of investing, where to start, and what to look for. We’ll also review how parents can help their teens invest and which investment options to consider. Without […]

Investing Books for Kids and Teens to Support Financial Education

Investing books for kids and teens is one of the best gateways to financial literacy and money management. They can cover countless different lessons in a fun and engaging way, and are an excellent way to spark conversations about money. But finding good investment books for your young ones might prove challenging as there are […]

Investing for Kids — Where, How, and Why to Begin

Investing for kids — How important is it? How would you go about introducing it to your little ones? Is it something that everyone can do or do you need a background in finance to even start? Well, armed with the right information and a solid grasp of the basic principles, you can help your […]

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get a Debit Card?

How old do you have to be to get a debit card and when is the best time to get one for your child? What are the things to know before getting a card and are there any pros and cons of owning a debit card? If you have questions, we have answers. We’re breaking […]

Cash App Card Designs – What to Know and What to Consider

If you want to give your kids the best cash app card designs and encourage them to use and learn more, BusyKid is the place to be. Not only do we have an incredible debit card specifically designed for families, but we also give you the option of choosing among 10 incredible designs. But first, […]