Andson partners with BusyKid

Andson partners with BusyKid to provide at-home financial education

According to a 2018 National Financial Capability Study, 48% of individuals in Nevada lack a “rainy day” fund to cover emergencies such as sickness, job loss, or economic downturn. In addition to this, 67% are unable to answer more than three of the five questions correctly on a basic financial literacy quiz covering aspects of finance encountered in everyday life.

Andson’s mission is to fill that gap and increase the financial literacy of all Nevadans. Take a look at the progress students in our Piggy Bank Program have made in their savings since our inception.

Since 2012, our Piggy Bank students have saved a total of $971,547.14!

Any companies shown are not recommendations or solicitations to invest.

This free app teaches your kids sound financial habits and brings important financial literacy conversations into your home. Help teach valuable financial routines by signing up today!

  • Parents assign chores for children (ages 5-16) and set up a weekly allowance. Think of BusyKid as your kid’s first job with direct deposit.
  • Like for many adults, payday is every Friday, and money is deposited directly into the child’s BusyKid account.
  • Once money is in the child’s account, they can SAVE their money, SHARE by donating a percentage of their earnings to an actual charity, INVEST it by purchasing fractional shares of real stocks, or they can SPEND by requesting cash from a parent or using the optional BusyKid Visa Prepaid Spend Card.

Purchasing a BusyKid Visa Prepaid Spend Card for $7.99/year that allows your child to shop online and in stores with the money they’ve earned. Parents have the ability to track the transaction history of card usage on the app and must approve money being transferred to the card from the app. To learn more, check out our recent blog post.

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If you’re looking for even more financial educational resources to share with your students or your own family, don’t forget that we have made our Openvest financial literacy curriculum available for free.

All Andson materials align to state and national standards. Our lessons are brief and are led by our Money Coach videos with fun assignments! Check out Andson’s recent feature in highlighting Openvest and BusyKid.

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