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In Making News by | November 05, 2018

Phoenix, AZ – BusyKid, the only chore/allowance app where children can earn, save, share, spend, and invest real money wisely, is partnering with The Harlem Investment Plant to sponsor 10 students and enable them to enroll in the inaugural program. BusyKid will sponsor an additional 10 students in the second session of the program next year.

Founder of The Harlem Investment Plant, Asia Wilson, a Registered Nurse and certified children's yoga instructor, was inspired to start the program due to her own financial struggles. Growing up in Harlem, Asia had no exposure to financial education. She had a successful career as a nurse, but never knew how to manage her money and after a work injury and a car accident she faced financial difficulties. Now, she is studying to become a Certified Financial Planner at New York University. Through The Harlem Investment Plant, Asia plans to break the cycle of poverty by cultivating financial literacy in under-served youth.

Currently millions of Americans have no savings, are weighted down with huge debt and can’t take advantage of a booming stock market. Studies have shown that a major contributor to these issues is a lack of financial education. BusyKid provides real “life lessons” through hands-on experience of earning, saving, sharing, spending, and investing real allowance each week. The app will be an integral part of The Harlem Investment Group’s curriculum.

“We are so excited about the opportunity to support The Harlem Investment Plant,” noted BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset. “Asia’s story and passion for preparing children in her community to be financially sound, made this decision an easy one. Together we’ll help give these children classroom and hands-on experience necessary to make sound financial decisions in the future.”

There will be two sections of The Harlem Investment Plant, one for Pre-Teens ages 7-10 and the other for teens ages 10-18. Students will learn concepts like earning, saving, sharing and spending, how debit and credit cards work, how interest works, and strategies for investing. To help kids in the program engage with their learning, BusyKid will also provide $10 for each child to use toward the purchase of their first stock.

“BusyKid is helping to transform the way my child and the children in my community view chores,” added Wilson. “BusyKid is helping them to build a correlation between work and earnings, but most importantly, it brings investing closer to home and allows inner city youth to actively participate in their wealth building.”

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