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BusyKid & Great Hearts Academies Partner

In Making News by | June 04, 2018

BusyKid & Great Hearts Academies PartnerPartnership raises funds and teaches lessons in finance, work ethic, responsibility and more

At a time when very little is taught in school about personal finance, BusyKid and Great Hearts have come together to offer Great Hearts students in Arizona and Texas the means to learn valuable financial lessons firsthand.

BusyKid is the first and only chore/allowance app where children can gain firsthand experience earning, saving, sharing, spending and investing real money. The app was created to help parents teach their children about making wise financial decisions, as well as build a strong work ethic.

“Education is the foundation of all success and that’s especially true when you’re talking about being financially successful as an adult,” noted BusyKid CEO Gregg Murset. “It’s important that our children build sound routines in regard to the basic principles of finance (save, share, spend and invest). We are very excited to work with Great Hearts to reach more families and help build these routines.”

Using BusyKid, children get hands-on experience building sound routines they will need when facing serious financial decisions as adults. Whether it’s managing “invisible money” on a reloadable spend card or making decisions on what charity to support, children using BusyKid will face many of the same decisions awaiting them as adults.

“Preparing students for college extends well beyond what they learn inside the classroom,” says Great Hearts Arizona President, Erik Twist. “By learning the value of earning, saving, investing and wisely spending money at a young age, children develop a sense of financial responsibility that will benefit them immeasurably as college-going adults.”

BusyKid will also donate a percentage of the annual subscription back to Great Hearts to support their teachers across the network.

About BusyKid

Formerly known as “My Job Chart”, BusyKid is continuing the mission of helping kids use modern technology to learn how to handle finances in a complicated world. The award-winning platform is the only one that allows children 5-17 to earn allowance and use it to save, share, spend and invest. BusyKid mobile app features customizable and pre-loaded chores based on children’s ages, automatic allowance allocation, investment opportunities in real stock and the BusyKid Spend Card – a prepaid Visa® card for only $14.95 annually for an entire family.

About Great Hearts
Great Hearts is a non-profit network of public charter schools dedicated to improving education nationwide through classical preparatory K-12 academies. As the largest provider of classical education campuses in the country, Great Hearts academies serve more than 15,000 students at 28 tuition-free public schools in greater Phoenix, Ariz. and San Antonio and Irving, Tex., with waitlists that typically exceed enrollment. Great Hearts provides a robust liberal arts curriculum incorporating advanced math and science, a focus on the arts and foreign language, and a range of extra-curricular activities and athletics. Learn more at