How to Love Washing Dishes

In Blog by | April 06, 2018

How to Love Washing Dishes

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We’ll admit it, cleaning dishes is one of the least liked chores. But washing dishes is a chore that should be done every day. Having a dishwasher is a luxury, and even with one, some dishes aren’t dishwasher safe. Starting children off early and teaching them the importance of taking care of your kitchen dishes and utensils will give them invaluable skills for their future.

At this point you’re probably wondering, but when do I start to love washing dishes? The truth is we don’t think anyone ever actually loves doing dishes, but the satisfaction you’ll receive from a clean kitchen is worth it. The relief a parent receives from being able to teach their kid a skill that they eventually master is exciting. BusyKid is trying to flip the table and make sure that all kids are taught how to be responsible and grow up with the necessary skills to live on their own and also be able to take care of the home they live in.

Using a dishwasher isn’t always the answer, washing dishes by hand can teach your kids more skills than you may notice and we don’t want you to miss out on a teaching opportunity. Making sure your dishes are spotless shows your kids to pay close attention to details. Additionally, you get bonding time in, someone can wash, and someone can dry. Organizational skills also come into play by learning where everything goes. Washing dishes develops their hand-eye coordination which will aid them in everyday tasks. It doesn’t have to be boring; occasionally there may be a little water fight.

There are numerous chores that you can give your kids to help upkeep their home and additionally, it will give them the confidence when they’re older that they can live on their own. View a list of Spring-friendly chores that BusyKid suggests for you and your kids to do together this season. Having your kids learn to love washing dishes is something that will come with time, they may never love doing them, but they will learn to appreciate the skill in upkeeping their future home.

Doing chores isn’t something that kids always want to do, but instilling responsibility at early ages will help your children learn the importance of washing dishes and upkeeping your house. BusyKid strives to teach financial responsibility to your kids to take some of the hard work from you. Raising kids is a full-time job, and educating them with financial literacy is a vital step to ensuring your kids’ future independence.