Are Older Generations Harder Workers?

In Blog by | January 26, 2018

Are Older Generations Harder Workers?

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We don't want to think that the world revolves around money, but the sad reality is that you can’t do a lot of things without it. Things are rarely free, and you have to earn your income from hard work and consistency. It is said that newer generations don't have the same work ethic that older generations have, but BusyKid is working to change this perception by encouraging children to earn a weekly allowance through chores.

There are mixed opinions on whether older generations work harder than some of the newer generations, but each has a variety of different work ethics. Currently, one of the most talked about generations is the Millennials. There is an estimated 83.1 million Millennials in the world; it's impossible to categorize an entire generation into one type of behavior.

As parents, we have the responsibility to give our children the tools they need to succeed. It's suggested to start good habits young that way they will have the right tools for years to come. The newer generations are much more prone to excel with technology because they're always being surrounded by it. BusyKid is a chores app that helps parents teach their kids time management, inspire responsibility and practice money management skills

Work ethic comes from how you raise your children and what their personal goals for the day, and for their life are. Having a good work ethic can't be determined by how fast or accurately your children do their chores, it's by the amount of time you dedicate to them to instill good habits and overall, a good work ethic to be successful.

Generations shouldn’t be categorized into specific behaviors because there are too many to judge at once. Behavior can be taught and BusyKid helps teach time management, money management, and the basics of investing. We take the hard work out of planning chores for kids. You and your children will have more time every week to do what's important, spending time with each other.