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In Blog by | January 24, 2018

Sound of Autism - Life on Spectrum

Have you heard the good news? NowThis has highlighted BusyKid and its relationship with Sounds of Autism. BusyKid is a business that can help children of all backgrounds learn how to earn, save, share and invest weekly allowance. We are proud to help guide parents as they teach what it takes to be responsible for doing assigned tasks and then getting money which could be put on a BusyKid VISA prepaid spend card. With a card, kids of any age can learn how to budget and spend their weekly allowance.

The video highlights a mother and son named Cricket and Nathan; Cricket was looking for a solution that would help teach her son Nathan how to work for his money and prepare for a future job. Nathan is on the spectrum with autism but also is high functioning. BusyKid is made for simple app interactions with little learning curves for both the parent and child's sake.

We're becoming a cashless society, and we want to help parents pave the road for their children to know how to interact with the potential future with no paper currency. In recent surveys, it is shown that 71% of parents are scared to talk to their kids about money. This is an alarming statistic to us at BusyKid because we feel helping your kids learn the necessary skills for product and service exchanges shouldn't be a hard conversation. Additionally, to that statistic, 80% of parents think it's important to talk to their kids about money. We agree!

BusyKid is an easy-to-use app that teaches kids how to earn and invest money. We feel that Cricket and Nathan are just the beginning, we want to help parents with kids of all backgrounds know the basics of money management and investing to improve their future finances. We hope to give parents one less thing to stress about while trying to raise great kids.

Check out the full video here!